Philippines Announces Blockchain Gaming Contest Winners’s cryptogame challenge demonstrated how blockchain can be used in different games and how cryptoitems can be used across different game worlds.

Photo for the Article - Philippines Announces Blockchain Gaming Contest Winners

The Alto Cryptogame Challenge has ended and the Philippines’ very own has announced the winners for its blockchain gaming contest.

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Photo for the Article - Philippines Announces Blockchain Gaming Contest Winners

Alto Cryptogame Challenge

First reported at BitPInas, the Alto Cryptogame Challenge is a contest where developers must design a cryptogame that will satisfy the judges’ criteria:

  • Fun and Feel – The game should make the user want to keep playing.
  • Cryptoitems – Cryptoitems – the heart of Alto’s blockchain initiative are cryptoitems that are seamless, non-fungible, and can be used in various games within the Alto ecosystem.
  • Production Quality – Gameplay must be smooth flowing and must demonstrate high-quality production.
  • Novelty – The game should stand out either because it is a new concept or because it blends old and new ideas in creative ways.
  • Business Feasibility – The company behind the game must have a credible market plan.

The games must also use the items on the ACC Challenge Booth to highlight how cryptoitems can be used from one game to another within the blockchain.

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Runner-Up: BrainFunc by Tejas Nikumbh


BrainFunc is an e-learning blockchain-based game that let you learn how the brain works while you fight battles. You collect neurons to construct brain parts, you construct parts, and you fight. The strength of your cryptoitems will be essential but your knowledge of neuroscience will come in handy in these fights.

Cryptoitem Highlight: The Neurons and Brain Parts are the cryptoitems in this game. The brain parts are linked to items on the ACC Edition Challenge Loot that will be used as skill cards base on that brain part’s function.

Mr. Tejas Nikumbh and his team at BioHackers won cash and Alto coin prize worth $10,000.

Second Place: Treasure Dungeon by Kiokumushi

treasure dungeon kiokumushi.png

Treasure Dungeon is, yes, a dungeon crawler with 5 x 5 square dungeons. Players travel one square at a time until they reach the dungeon’s end. In every square, there may be monsters or there may be loots. If the monster successfully brings the player’s HP to zero, the player leaves the dungeon and all the treasures behind.

Cryptoitem Highlight: “Guardians” are actually erc721 tokens in this game and can help the player in beating a dungeon. Items from the ACC Challenge Loot can be found on treasure chests and can be used by the player to increase their chances of beating the dungeons.

Kiokumushi received Cash and Alto Coins worth $20,000.

First Place: Crown of Carnage by Codeglue

crown of carnage codeglue blockchain game.jpg

Codeglue, the developers of the highly popular game Terraria won the Alto Contest with the first blockchain game they have worked on: Crown of Carnage.

In Crown of Carnage, players are wizards who enter an arena to battle with other wizards and monsters in order to reach the Monster King and take control of the crown.

Cryptoitem Highlight: The spell cards and items are cryptoitems that can be used by players to their advantage.

As the winner of the Alto Challenge, Codeglue won cash and alto coins worth $40,000 and $30,000 for marketing support. Alto will create a storefront for Crown of Carnage to hold an Initial Item Offering.

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Other Finalists:

Loot Hunt by Digital Token Alliance

Loot Hunt players are given a set of cards at the beginning, and then explore real-world locations where they can find loot, rest, and battle AR monsters.

Cryptoitem Highlight: Cards unlocked through quests are non-fungible tokens.

CryptoBarons by Ugarsoft

CryptoBarons is a multiplayer strategy and role-playing game where players use in-game resources to build kingdoms and train armies. Like the popular Clash of Clans, defeat armies from other kingdoms to acquire more resources.

Cryptoitem Highlights: All game assets are ERC721 tokens.


The Alto Cryptogame Challenge just showed the community how blockchain can be applied to many types of games, be it dungeon crawling or RPG. The CEO of said the following in a message to BitPinas: “All in all, the Alto Cryptogame Challenge was a huge success and gave us an exciting glimpse into an ecosystem where cryptoitems are used across multiple game worlds. It showed us what is possible when developers build their games with item interoperability as a core principle. The item-first economy has a bright road ahead, and the Alto Cryptogame Challenge just laid the first stone.”

Alto is a Philippine-based project that aims to build an entire gaming ecosystem on the blockchain.

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