Philippines’ CashCart Builds Online Shopping Site on NEM & ProximaX

CashCart recently held its soft launching event to unveil its NEM & ProximaX-powered blockchain-based online shopping platform.

Photo for the Article - Philippines' CashCart Builds Online Shopping Site on NEM & ProximaX

Online Shopping is a huge industry. In the Philippines, even without the e-commerce giant Amazon, a plethora of online shopping sites are among the most visited by Filipinos every day online.

Online shopping websites are one of the natural targets of cyber attacks, which can pose a problem to shoppers and merchants in the platform. The two others are disputes and delivery. Blockchain can provide a solution in dealing with transparency, speed, and security in online shopping, and is one early entrant in the blockchain-based online shopping space.

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CashCart recently held a soft launching event in Quezon City last September 22, 2018. Founder and CEO Mr. Fruvy Rivera mentioned that CashCart was first conceptualized 1 year ago and told the audience how he envisions his company to be a leader in the e-commerce space in 5 to 10 years. is a blockchain-based e-commerce site powered by NEM and Proximax. The NEM blockchain secures immutable transaction records while ProximaX secures the website with 99.99% uptime availability.

Multiple Forms of Payment

Photo for the Article - Philippines' CashCart Builds Online Shopping Site on NEM & ProximaX
Fruvy Rivera, CEO & Founder of CashCart

Merchants can get their products listed on CashCart while users can pay using traditional fiat, credit cards, and cryptocurrency. Users can also opt to use CCNX, a token similar to Shopee “points” that net discounts when purchasing products and services with the CashCart platform.

It is normal for e-commerce websites to accept multiple forms of payment and while CashCart will readily accept crypto, Blockchain Lead Rom Brillantes admits crypto adoption can still take time. “That’s why we’re putting up a coaching academy to make people aware that CCNX is a utility token that can be used to purchase,” he said in a message sent to BitPinas. Rewards can also be earned if the user opts in to use CCNX as payment.


Photo for the Article - Philippines' CashCart Builds Online Shopping Site on NEM & ProximaX
Fruvy Rivera, Founder & CEO of CashCart delivering his speech

It is interesting to note that CashCart did not do an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which seemed to be the craze these days. “CCNX is an optional token,” he said. The user does not need to use it to purchase on CashCart. Furthermore, the company had early supporters when the project was being conceptualized.

CashCart is set to have a grand launching this December 2018. In the meantime, they continue to onboard merchants and are still looking for more people to join their team. Check out Mr. Brillantes over email at rom[at]

The company is targeting a Southeast Asian launch by January 2019.

Website: (Not up yet.)

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