Philippines is More Open to Blockchain than Western Countries

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The Founder and President of Australian Innovation Summit, Mr. Ronald Tucker, stated that the Philippines is more open to blockchain than western countries.

An Australian commerce group based in Makati expressed their thoughts about the Philippines when it comes to blockchain technology.

“[It is an opportunity to] apply that technology in a market where the conditions are much better for that transformation than in some of Western economies, where the change can be more difficult,” – Mr. Ronald Tucker, Founder and President, Australian Innovation Summit

Mr. Tucker also shared that the banks in Australia are hesitant to make the jump as they prefer the traditional model. He added that these banks are profiting using the current model and probably the reason why they are less interested in the changes.

The statement was made before the Global Blockchain Summit that will commence in Manila this June.

The Global Blockchain Summit and the Inaugural Blockchain Application Exhibition will happen on June 24, 2018. It is organized by the Global Blockchain Application Research Foundation Inc. and GOBA Foundation. Its aim is to enhance the country’s competitiveness when it comes to blockchain technology.

During the Beach Blockchain Conference that happened in Cebu on May 10-11, 2018, Mr. Brock Pierce also shared his excitement on how the Philippines is an interesting location to grow blockchain technology.

Source: ManilaTimes

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