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July 31, 2018 Updated

Internet on the blockchain? The telco consortium studies how this new technology can benefit the telecom industry and its customers.

Major telecom company PLDT joins overseas carriers around the world to develop a cross-carrier blockchain platform for the telecom industry.

Carrier Blockchain Study Group

PLDT has joined the Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG), a consortium of telecom carriers around the world. Japan’s Softbank Corp leads the telco consortium. Among its members are the following:

  • Sprint – US
  • LG Uplus – South Korea
  • KT Corp – South Korea
  • Far EasTone Telco – Taiwan
  • TBCASoft – Taiwan
  • Etisalat – UAE
  • Telefonica S.A – Spain

The Consortium’s Purpose

The consortium said that the with the new participants (of which PLDT is included), they are now in a position to lead the blockchain adoption among telecom carriers around the world.

The CBSG can provide telco participants with services that will run on blockchain technology. This includes personal authentication and roaming charge settlements.

About PLDT

PLDT is the largest telecom in the Philippines – comprising home broadband and mobile. It’s rival, Globe Telecom has a larger share in the mobile market. Both companies have a virtual control in the country’s telco operations.

Source: Inquirer, Manila Times

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