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Here’s a TV Set That Can Mine Bitcoin

Photo for the Article - Here's a TV Set That Can Mine Bitcoin

Canaan Create, the second largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining hardware has just launched its new product called AvalonMiner Inside. The product is a television set that has the ability to mine cryptocurrency.

AvalonMiner Inside is said to have a hashrate of 2.8 trillion hashes per second. To compare, the top of the line mining hardware of Canaan Create can perform 11 trillion hashes per second.

According to the South China Morning Post report, the TV set is powered by artificial intelligence and has voice-activated functions. Another function is its built-in mining profitability calculator. This will help the miners know how the AvalonMiner Inside is performing.

It is said that the bitcoin mined using the product can be used to buy from Creative Canaan’s own marketplace platform. The goods on sale include an entertainment package and other physical gifts.

Some people in the industry are not happy about the innovation and even described it as a marketing gimmick.

“It looks more like hype. It will be more meaningful if these companies are able to embed the mining function into existing major TV brands.” – Xiao Lei, Bitcoin Analyst from Beijing

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This new creation will be distributed to retail businesses to supply its consumers. The company also expressed its plans to create blockchain-related appliances in the future.

Source: NewsBTC