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Twitter to Act on Crypto Scams

Photo for the Article - Twitter to Act on Crypto Scams

One of the best ways to get the latest news about cryptocurrency is Twitter. However, because almost all crypto personalities, companies, and exchanges have an account, it is no surprise that a lot of scammers posing to be “that person or company” are increasing.

Twitter is now making a move to crack down the scammers. However, in doing so, they bumped a few legitimate accounts in the process.

Scammers on Twitter

Scammers lurking around on Twitter is old news but Twitter making a move about it is a new one.

As an example, when Mr. Vitalik Buterin (ethereum founder) tweets something, a fake Buterin account will reply. The fake Buterin will mention about giving free ethers if they send 0.5 – 1 ether to a certain ether address. After that, a lot of fake profiles will reply that they “got the free ether”. This will give validity to the free ether. Upon checking, you will realize that the profiles claiming that they receive ethers are fake too. Evidence can be seen if you check out their twitter profiles with virtually nothing.

Photo for the Article - Twitter to Act on Crypto Scams

Real Accounts Got Suspended Too

In the process of making Twitter scammer free, Twitter bumped into official accounts as well.

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One is Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange site. Kraken’s official support team’s Twitter account got restricted. After appealing, the ban was lifted and Kraken was able to continue.

Another example is Ms. Brooke Maller’s account, @bitcoinmom, that received a shadow ban. This is when the user’s tweets are unviewable without them knowing.

“People just started DMing me that they couldn’t see my tweets in threads. It would say ‘tweet unavailable.’ Others said they aren’t getting notifications when I tweet. But no word from Twitter. There is some really weird shit going on for crypto Twitter people right now. A rash of permanent bans and suspensions.” – Ms. Brooke Miller told CoinDesk.

Shadow banning is so prevalent that some crypto enthusiasts and users also experienced getting semi-banned on Twitter. Let us just hope that Twitter is not doing a censorship about cryptocurrencies but is trying to make it a safer place for enthusiasts.

Source: CoinDesk