New Exhibit by 72 Yr-Old Artist Carlos Bridges NFT with Traditional Art

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By Shiela Bertillo and Michael Mislos

Months after releasing his non-fungible artworks, 72-year old Carlos, a Filipino visual artist, is set to highlight his traditional masterpieces, paintings and sculpture, side-by-side with his pieces of crypto art in collaboration with artist and motion designer Isaiah Cacnio. Their works will be displayed during “The Colors of Carlos” art exhibition presented by Galeria Paloma, in partnership with Samsung The Frame.

The art exhibit will be from July 8 to 12, 2022, at the North Court of Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center. For more information, visit

Photo by Isaiah Cacnio

Through his collaboration with Isaiah Cacnio, the artworks of Carlos came to life with monochromatic versions through choreographed colorization and animation.

Last February, Carlos dropped his first NFT collection called ‘Into the World of Carlos’ which is available in Foundation. Carlos is one of the oldest artists minting NFT. (Read more: 72-year old Artist Carlos Drops NFT: Metaverse is Not Just for the Young)

Accordingly, they pointed out that several pieces from his genesis collection “In My World” will also be displayed in the exhibit. The new works will also be minted on the Ethereum blockchain through Foundation, just like his first collection.

In an interview, Carlos stated that while his knowledge about blockchain technology may be limited, he understands how the blockchain can benefit his collectors with proof of ownership, authenticity, and provenance.

“For him, especially as an artist, age is but a number; he feels as though every artist continues to try to evolve and progress and push their own personal boundaries in art, bravely stepping out of their comfort zones to further their artist philosophy,” a media release stated.

Traditional Art Meets NFT

As a traditional artist whose works have been commissioned and exhibited abroad, BitPinas asked during the exhibit’s press launch what was the reaction of Carlos’ traditional collectors upon hearing the news of his venture into NFTs.

“They loved it,” says Kim Delgado, director Galeria Paloma and also the daughter of the artist. (Carlos’ three daughters Kim, Mia, and Georgia manage his art career. All three were present in the press launch) Delgado noted how Carlos’ collectors have always wondered and imagined how his paintings would look when animated and turning it into NFTs made that possible. 

Many of Carlos’ traditional collectors also want to own the artist’s NFTs, and as such, they are also, in essence, onboarding these collectors into the NFT scene; they help them set up their blockchain wallets. If they want to purchase the painting using cash, they would help in the conversion process from crypto to fiat and vice versa. 

Additionally, Carlos’ NFT art are all single editions, will there be plans to do multiple editions in the future? At some point, yes, Delgado answered.

On the other hand, Galeria Paloma noted that “The Colors of Carlos” is the launching exhibit of a series of upcoming shows by the art gallery which aims “to bridge the gap between the familiar media of visual art and the emerging genre of crypto art.”

Samsung The Frame

Mahir Al-Rubah, Samsung’s head of AV Product Marketing

Carlos’ works will be exhibited using Samsung The Frame, which are TVs that also function as digital art frames. Delgado said the team is impressed of the TV’s features. “Some of which are its matte screen and incredible resolution, and, of course, the bezel that melds seamlessly in an art exhibition and ultimately, a collector’s home,” she added.

“Crypto art is not meant to displace the traditional art forms, like painting or sculpting, but rather broadening what we consider art and how we secure art in this new digital era. We are hoping to familiarize the local art market further and provide seamless ways to collect and display crypto art.”

Kimberly Delgado, Gallery Director

Samsung’s head of AV Product Marketing Mahir Al-Rubah said the partnership with Galeria Paloma and Carlos are something new to them, which makes it “extremely special.”

“We look forward to taking part in this digital-art series and help the gallery foster greater appreciation and understanding of this emerging art genre,” Al-Rubah added.

Mano Amiga

Lynn Pinugu, co-founder and executive director of Mano Amiga

A portion of the proceeds from the exhibit will benefit Mano Amiga, an organization that provides education for underprivileged children.

“We are incredibly grateful to Galeria Paloma and Carlos for choosing to support the scholarships of disadvantaged children at Mano Amiga Philippines,” says Lynn Pinugu, co-founder and executive director of the organization.

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