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Galería Paloma Launches Exhibit 1/1, NFT ‘The Twelve’ for Crypto Art Week Asia

Photo for the Article - Galería Paloma Launches Exhibit 1/1, NFT ‘The Twelve’ for Crypto Art Week Asia

Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday. Additional Information by Michael Mislos.

The prestigious gallery Galería Paloma, in line with the upcoming Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA) event this September 28 to 30, 2022, curated digital artworks of 12 artists from the Philippines and Singapore and launched their exhibit 1/1 last September September 23.

Along with the celebration for CAWA, Galería Paloma also launched The Twelve. It is a limited edition non-fungible token (NFT) by the 12 artists of 1/1. Each artist was given 24 hours to contribute to the work. 

“We are excited to feature an exceptional roster of artists for 1/1,” said Kimi Rocha-Delgado, gallery director of Galería Paloma. “1/1 features some of the top and trailblazing crypto artists, some of whom have made crypto art history, and won international awards.” 

The physical exhibition, at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, is expected to display the works of crypto art in Samsung The Frame TV screens. This is one of the solutions that the gallery presented to connect digital art forms to traditional art practices: a means for proper display. 

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“Galeria Paloma is focused on bringing digital art to the forefront and presenting the work as viable art assets due to its inherent artistic merit. And with the blockchain infrastructure, there is now a solution to issues that arise in digital art ownership such as authenticity, proof of ownership, and artist royalties.” Rocha-Delgado added.

Previously, BitPinas also covered the partnership of Samsung and ArtToken to create a platform for Smart TVs from Samsung to be able to view, purchase and sell NFT artworks. (For more details, read Samsung’s Smart TVs To Allow NFT Art Content Soon)

“We are proud to partner with Galeria Paloma once again–this time to put a spotlight on notable Asian digital artists for Crypto Art Week Asia. This partnership enables us to bring to the fore how The Frame TV can display digital artwork the way they are meant to be seen and appreciated,” Mahir Al-Rubah, AV Product Marketing Head of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp, stressed. 

The set of artists for 1/1 are: 

  • Sevi Agregado, a 10-year-old talented painter;
  • Jopet Arias, crypto art forerunner and CryptoArt Philippines co-founder;
  • Luis Buenaventura, highest-selling Filipino NFT;
  • Carlos, traditional painter and crypto artist;
  • Isaiah Cacnio, trailblazing animator;
  • AJ Dimarucot, veteran graphic designer;
  • Holy Blood, young visual artist;
  • Raymond Lauchengco, sculptor and photographer;
  • Sheila Ledesma, collage artist;
  • Cris Magsino and Win Magsino, award-winning photographer brothers;
  • and Wyn-Lyn Tan, Singapore-based artist.

Aside from the exhibit 1/1, Galería Paloma also launched their own NFT, entitled “The Twelve.” This is a collaboration of the twelve artists who have given their share of digital art. 

According to the gallery, the collaboration is an adaptation of “exquisite corpse,” a parlor game invented by the Surrealists where players would take turns writing a string of words, following either syntax rules or by using the last few words of the previous writer’s contribution as reference, culminating in a collaborative narrative or text. 

“We thought it would be a fascinating, crypto-community way to have the artists interact with each other before the show. It wasn’t created to be sold, and the copyright is owned solely by the artists involved,” the gallery director Mia Rocha-Lauchengco emphasized.

In “The Twelve,” however, it was toward a digital collage and there was more transparency: each artist had access to the latest version of the collaboration and had the freedom to add their personal stamp to the piece. It started with a painting by Carlos and ended with Jopet Arias’ trademark infusion of layered augmented reality (AR), which can be viewed via the Artivive app.

“There was no premeditated sequence. We wanted to let chaos determine the outcome, in a way–which is in line with the ethos of the Surrealist game. Each artist only had 24 hours to work on them before having to pass it on to the next. The one thing we knew at the start, however, was that we wanted Jopet Arias for the last part, for the AR take on the piece,” Rocha-Lauchengco continued.

The NFT “The Twelve” is only limited to 310 editions. It has been minted and will be distributed among the twelve artists. Some are gifted to select supporters of the crypto art community. If ever the holders will sell the NFT, the artists each receive equal royalties.

The artworks are displayed and available for collectors and enthusiasts at their online exhibit on the Foundation and on the Oncyber platform. While the on-site exhibit will be on September 30 to October 4, 2022, at the Power Plant Mall, R1 Hallway.

For a more detailed description of the members of the roster, refer to Filipino NFT Artists and Galleries to Participate in CAWA2022.

Crypto Art Week Asia is the region’s most influential crypto art event, showcasing the works of the best crypto artists in Asia. In January 2022, warrragwag, a Filipino artist, was recognized by CAWA and his artwork was presented in Singapore. (For more details, read Pinoy Artist Warrragwag is Part of SG Crypto Art Week Asia x Tezos Exhibit)

Galleria Paloma is an art gallery that caters to different genres of art and is also an art advisory firm. It is headed by a team with over twenty years of professional experience. It is committed to creating high-caliber art accessible. 

The team of Galleria Paloma is expected to focus on key actions: exhibitions, education, and empowerment. 

Their exhibits are held in high foot traffic, public areas; educational, one-on-one conversations and collective discussions are assembled for the sharing of information on topics in the field, such as art appreciation, history, and crypto art (NFTs); consultations are arranged on an individual or corporate level in the interest of personal or corporate asset management and social responsibility. 

For more information, visit

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Featured Art by Win Magsino

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