GCash Launches New NFT Collection ‘House of Ohlala’ with Likha, Vinyl on Vinyl

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • GCash has revealed its new non-fungible token project, “House of Ohlala,” in collaboration between GCash, homegrown NFT marketplace Likha, and art gallery Vinyl on Vinyl. The artist behind the collection is Reen Barrera.
  • The project consists of 1,000 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain and can be bought on Likha. 
  • As per GCash, Ohlala NFT holders will have the chance to enjoy exclusive prizes, artwork, and other benefits.

Following the introduction of its 10 newest innovations during the Gcash FutureCast Summit held on March 30, local mobile wallet giant GCash unveiled its newest non-fungible token (NFT) project, titled “House of Ohlala.” The NFT venture is said to further push the fintech firm’s efforts to dabble in the metaverse. 

“House of Ohlala” is a joint project of GCash, homegrown NFT marketplace Likha, and art gallery Vinyl on Vinyl. The art for the collection was created by Reen Barrera, his first NFT project. 

It is a collection of 1,000 NFTs built on the Polygon blockchain, with each NFT ‌being sold for 100 MATIC, or approximately ₱6,000.00, on Likha. It is also set to launch officially on April 23, 2023. 

As per GCash, the buyers of the Ohlala NFT will have the chance to receive exclusive prizes, artwork, and other benefits. Every quarter, holders may win one of the four Ohlala statues to be raffled. While the owners of the 10 editions of 1/1 NFTs will get a free Giclee print of their digital collectible, there will also be a special artwork drop for GCash trait holders. 

In addition, holders will also have exclusive access to artwork and a whitelist for GCash’s future collections, as well as exclusive access to House of Ohlala merchandise. 

Apart from the Gcash NFT announcement, the e-wallet also unveiled its new platform features, including GCrypto, GStocks, GCash Global Pay, GInsure, GCash Overseas, GChat, DoubleSafe, GLoan, GGives, GCash Cards, and GCash Cards Visa: to further promote financial inclusion and accessibility for millions of Filipinos. 

Who is Reen Barrera? 

Reen Barrera

Reen Barera’s art journey started when he was young, when he spent his childhood recreating his favorite cartoons with paper mache. As a teenager, he repaired wooden church statues and kept the excess wood scraps to make toys and figures out of them. After graduating college, he naturally circled back into this practice, which led to his flourishing in the art industry.

His original work, “Ohlala,” is the center of his artistic universe. Barrera offers a vivid interpretation of his personal experiences through colorful commentary. With symbols and patterns adorning each face, his work captures the essence of nonverbal communication through facial expressions.

Barrera’s art also serves as a gentle critique of socioeconomic classes. By covering a child’s head with a canvas cloth, he symbolizes that regardless of our economic backgrounds, we all possess the power to shape our own destinies.

Although the House of Ohlala is the first GCash exclusive collection, it is not the first NFT project GCash has been involved in. Last month, the e-wallet partnered with Blue-Chip Fine Arts NFT Launchpad, Scarletbox.io, to allow Gcash users to buy the NFTs of National Artist Larry Alcala. 

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