Pinoy Artist Warrragwag is Part of SG Crypto Art Week Asia x Tezos Exhibit

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In an interview with BitPinas, warrragwag, a Filipino interior designer-turned-artist, shared his journey from being a BS Architecture graduate from UST to an NFT artist at the Inaugural Tezos Crypto Art Exhibit. The event, which concluded on Jan. 23, was launched by TZ APAC, the leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity for the Tezos blockchain, during the Singapore Art Week 2022.

“I was really so happy when Crypto Art Week Asia contacted me to say that they’d want to include my work as part of Singapore Art Week,” the artist said.

“I am honored and humbled to be part of this, the artists I am featured with are truly remarkable and some of the best and respected in the cryptoart world,” he added. 

Who is warrragwag?

Warrragwag, a “self-exiled from architecture and interior design”, recalled his initial strides as a fresh graduate in 90s before he ventured to Singapore. He said that he worked in Manila and Iloilo for a while, and tried his luck in Singapore after his friend invited him to come over.

He also shared that in his first year in Singapore, he worked in an architecture firm, then decided to move to interior design as it gave him “more freedom of expression”.

“Or maybe I felt that way as I specialized in doing the 3d visuals and enjoyed it,” he added. 

Entering the NFT Space

In October 2020, warrragwag entered the NFT space but was not lucky enough to get any sales from his digital art pieces until he joined Hicetnunc in March. “And I haven’t stopped making cryptoart since.”

Meanwhile, warrragwag joined the exhibit with his piece, ‘Rounded Boxes Anomaly 003’, a third of a series of five, each of which features a different color palette.

According to the artist, the piece, which is unique for its animation, stemmed from his pre-NFT work where he started becoming more comfortable with using 3d software as an artistic tool.

“You might notice here a feeling of restlessness or unease which is a common thread to all the Rounded Boxes pieces. This is maybe because at that stage I really wanted to mint NFT pieces as fast as possible but oftentimes would encounter a different challenge during the production of each,”

Warrragwag, artist

He added that his works from the Rounded Boxes series feature a common theme—The co-existence of order and chaos—which can be seen from the glittery elements from the pieces. 

“And although chaos might seem to connote something negative, what we see in the piece is something glittery like a jewel, like a graceful dance from afar.”

According to Radarboy, the curator of the exhibit, the works of warrragwag stood for him because “his work has an achitectural but generative feel to it”, a reflection of his story of being an architect that moved into art.

“Part of the curation process was looking for artists [that] I felt were on the verge of breaking out, that has a lot of potentials. And I feel he’s an artist to watch in this space – there’s a lot more interesting stuff we are going to see from him in the future,” he concluded.

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