RFOX VALT Launches AI-Enabled Metaverse Apartments for Sale

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  • RFOX VALT has launched the sale of AI-enabled metaverse apartments starting February 8, 2023, via its official webpage.
  • The apartments are customizable spaces that feature an invite-only system, personal assistance, and content creation through OpenAI integrations. The residents can use AI tools to interact with their virtual surroundings in a natural and intuitive way, and the apartments will be used as voting rights for future development.
  • The apartments also provide a fully immersive experience through AI-enhanced VR technology and take virtual living to the next level, demonstrating continued growth and innovation in the field.

As the new technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, continue to progress not only digitally, the metaverse is also now tapping into real world use cases.

In a media release, metaverse platform RFOX VALT announced the sale of AI-enabled metaverse apartments which offers its residents a fully immersive experience through AI-enhanced VR technology. The sale will be on February 8, 2023  through the RFOX VALTs official webpage.

Metaverse Apartments

RFOX is set to release 3000 apartments for sale at 0.25 ETH each–which comes randomly assigned in 4 variations. In addition, each apartment is entitled to 1 complimentary CitiXen avatar which can act as the owner’s unique character within the RFOX VALT metaverse. According to its creators, the apartments will also be used as voting rights for future development.

“The AI-enabled apartments allow residents to interact with their virtual surroundings in a more natural and intuitive way. The apartments are customizable spaces that allow their residents to use the newly integrated AI tools to change and alter the look and feel of their space, to create personal and unique surroundings. The apartments will feature an invite-only system, allowing you to host gatherings, meetings, events, and more based on your requirements,” the developers shared.

OpenAI Integrations

RFOX also noted that through their OpenAI integrations, the owners can now implement “changes that would have previously required skills in asset creation and taken considerable time to implement.” They teased that the integrations include personal assistance, content creation, and more. 

“As the technology progresses, the apartments will integrate with even more AI services,” they hinted. 

Aside from being a significant step forward for the firm as well as the metaverse, RFOX VALT also stated that the addition of their AI-enabled apartments takes the residents’ experience to the next level as it is more realistic and convenient. They noted that it also “demonstrates the continued growth and innovation in the field and sets a new standard for virtual living.”

Last month, non-fungible tokens (NFT) in real life also took another step forward as it also dabbled into real estate through the collaboration of Air Media NFT Group and G Villas Siargao. Their partnership is set to launch a Web3 Resort in the Surf Capital of the Philippines, Siargao, where they will sell a collection of 300 Pixel Art Beach Villa NFTs (Siargao Villa NFTs) which comes with perks such as 10 nights of stay every year for 10 years, an island tour in Siargao, and the freedom to swap, trade, and lease their NFTs. (Read more: Web3 Paradise? Villa in Siargao Transforms to NFT Resort)


In 2021, RFOX released two games that featured a play-to-earn system and a unique play-to-eat structure.

The free-to-play play-to-earn game KOGS, inspired with the 90’s schoolyard craze POGs, was released in October 2021. In its closed beta, a 42 year-old Filipino real estate agent turned game enthusiast was reported to earn a lot from playing KOGS: SLAM. (Read more:  [Play-to-Earn Stories] KOGS: SLAM! Top Player in Nueva Ecija Earns Big Time in Closed Beta)

In Myanmar,  a subsidiary of Southeast Asia-based RedFOX Labs RFOX Media launched RFOX Run, the world’s first Play-to-Eat game–the winners redeem food vouchers from foodpanda.

In September 2021, RFOX partnered with the pageant organization Miss Universe 2021 to launch the Miss Universe Philippines NFT collection to expand the pageant’s reach to the digital world through NFTs. (Read more: Miss Universe PH to Launch Pageant NFT Collection)

Last August, RFOX was one of the sponsors for the Mid-Winter Fireside Chat at the Draper Startup House Manila in Makati City, which was organized by BitPinas and gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG). 

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