Masterpieces from National Artists to be Preserved as NFTs by Scarletbox

Scarletbox is set to bring Philippine National Artists’ masterpieces to the digital realm as NFTs.

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  • Scarletbox, a digital art and collectibles platform, is set to digitize the masterpieces of Philippine National Artists Botong Francisco, Vicente Manansala, and Gemino Abad into NFTs, marking a significant move in preserving and promoting the country’s cultural heritage.
  • The upcoming NFT collaboration will be discussed in a Twitter Space event on May 31, 2023, featuring direct insights from the artists’ descendants and Abad himself. The event will also include a raffle of a canvas painting by Ronna Manansala.
  • Purchasers of the NFTs will receive a premium collectible box with a live digital frame for physical display, a letter of authenticity, and a token vial, adding exclusivity and value to the NFTs. This follows Scarletbox’s previous successful NFT collection tribute to National Artist Larry Alcala.

Scarletbox, a digital collectibles and art launchpad, is set to transform the masterpieces of Philippine National Artists Botong Francisco, Vicente Manansala, and Gemino Abad into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), promoting cultural heritage preservation.

Scarletbox is set to host a Twitter Space on May 31, 2023, where listeners can hear directly from Totong Francisco (grandson of Botong), Ronna Manansala (granddaughter of Vicente), and Gemino Abad himself about the upcoming NFT collaboration. A 12”x 18” oil on canvas painting by Ronna Manansala will be raffled off to the participants in the Twitter contest and attendees of the event.

Bringing National Artists Works to the Blockchain

In a statement, Scarletbox said it will be animating images to create unique art pieces and thus bringing the paintings of National Artists in Visual Arts Botong Francisco and Vicente Manansala to the blockchain. Adding life to it is Gemino Abad, who, in his own voice, will provide spoken poetry to give historical context to the art. 

Because it will be digitized and be turned into NFTs, the future owners of the works can rest assured that they possess authentic works resulting from the collaboration of the three National Artists.

Francisco and Manansala are well known for their works in the artistic landscape. Francisco’s large-scale mural “Filipino Struggles Through History” has been considered the “greatest extant work of art”. The modernist and Pampanga-born Manansala is a pioneer of the Philippine Cubism movement. 

Cebu native Abad is a distinguished poet who received the National Artist Award for Literature in 2022.

Scarletbox on Preserving Masterpieces

Sheree Gotuaco, Founder of Scarletbox, noted how the collaboration could pave the way for a new generation of Filipinos to get to know and appreciate the works of these masters. 

“By leveraging the power of digital technology, we aim to amplify the reach and impact of their artwork, while also ensuring the preservation of their legacies for generations to come.  Anyone can now create his/her own cultural legacy through digital collectibles,” Sheree said in a statement.

Purchasers of the NFT will receive a premium collectible box which contains a live digital frame that allows them to showcase and display the NFTs physically. Also included are a letter of authenticity and a token vial, which, Scarletbox said, add value and exclusivity to the purchased NFT for the holders.

Previously, Scarletbox created an NFT profile picture collection as a tribute to National Artist Larry Alcala. Each work had different rarities that collectors could anticipate acquiring. The collection is also available for purchase using GCash, making it much more accessible especially to the e-wallet’s 77 million users.

Scarletbox: Tribute to Larry Alcala coverage by ANC’s David Celdran

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