Tezos Philippines Celebrates Women’s Month with Women of Web3 NFT Community Minting Event

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Tezos Philippines, supported by TZ APAC, the leading adoption entity of Tezos blockchain in Asia, has announced the Women of Web3 NFT Community Minting Event. This event is in celebration of Women’s Month and International Women’s Day, aiming to recognize and honor women’s contributions in the rapidly evolving web3 space, while promoting inclusivity and diversity in the ecosystem.

Note: BitPinas is partner of Tezos Philippines and TZ APAC for the Women of Web3 Event.  

Tezos Philippines has partnered with Crypto Art PH, an online community and lead exhibitor at this year’s Art Fair Philippines, as well as leading communities Filipinas NFT and Tezos Filipinos, and news publication BitPinas.com. International partners include prominent organizations in the Tezos community, such as journalistic hub XTZ News, and leading Tezos marketplace OBJKT.com.

The event is also supported by various community partners, including Draper Startup House Manila, Ownly, Aswang Tribe, XOVOX Labs, SparkLearn EdTech, Filipino Web3 Community Builders, Mustachios, ScarletBox.io, and FilipinWho.

Event Details: 

Participants can mint NFTs on the Tezos blockchain through the event’s website from March 6 to 31. 

  1. Create or prepare your digital work (visual arts, music, poetry, etc).
  2. Once done, mint 50 editions of your work on any Tezos Platform of your choice with the following hashtag: #womenofweb3.    
  3. Send edition 1 to this address: womenofweb3.tez for archival purposes and list the remaining editions on the marketplace. The archived copy will never be sold.
  4. Tweet your participation to the event by using the hashtag #womenofweb3 and tagging @tezosphl (https://twitter.com/tezosphl).

All participants who followed the instructions will be included in a raffle draw where Tezos Philippines and its partners will give an amount of tez to select participants.

The Women of Web3 NFT Community Minting Event invites participants to mint their artwork on any Tezos platform. Those in need of assistance can join the Tezos Philippines Telegram group, where they will receive support from the event organizers and fellow participants.

The event’s primary goal is to celebrate the accomplishments of women in the web3 and NFT space, and to empower them by providing a platform to showcase their creativity and talent. Tezos Philippines, Crypto Art PH, and their partners aim to create a supportive environment where women can explore and excel in the world of NFTs and web3 technology.

For more information about the Women of Web3 NFT Community Minting Event, join the Tezos Philippines Telegram group and follow the event’s progress on the social media channels of Tezos Philippines, Crypto Art PH, and their partners.

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