What is Street Geeks NFT?

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Street Geek is a project of Lightweight Solutions, a software development company that envisions a smart and sustainable world. The company is adapting to the emergence of Web 3.0 and wants to create a safe space for NFT art enthusiasts and collectors. 

The Street Geek Team is composed of: 

  • Marc Medina – Co-Founder
  • Ed John Guevarra – Artist / Social Media Admin
  • Mike Soriano – Artist
  • Samy De Peralta – Social Media Marketing/ Admin  
  • Mon Baltazar – Developer 
  • Shayne Ondaro – Marketing and Community Manager 
  • Alleo Indong – IT Consultant

Marc mentioned that “geekiness is deeply-rooted in our team’s culture.” Their founder, Marc, is a self-confessed natural geek, who now fortunately surrounds himself with like-minded geeks. Being a geek to him means, “having excessive enthusiasm for something. A geek may choose to live life, we are here to create a space to express ourselves freely and be proud of ourselves.” 

The team’s mission is to stand up against the stigmas of being different. Street Geeks, their artwork, uses geeky glasses as a symbol—it represents the different ways anyone can geek out and be themselves. Each artwork has its distinct personality to honor personal uniqueness, celebrate the joys of diversity, and embody self-love.

The project is still in its early stages and is looking forward to connecting with collectors and NFT enthusiasts who share their own geekiness. It is also in the process of onboarding more Filipinos into blockchain technology. The project plans to have their first mint in the coming weeks, and a collaboration with other projects in the future. (Editor’s note: This article was written on April 28.)

Marc stated, “We are currently in talks with partners on collaborations for special perks that we can give our collectors. We are also launching Street Geeks in OpenSea – Polygon Network very soon. Most importantly, we are working on our Roadmap to help the underprivileged areas in the country.  We are helping out kids who have lesser means in cultivating their geekiness. Every artwork purchased will contribute to providing geek kids the following: Gadgets such as laptops, tablets and pocket wifi, school equipment, creating classrooms, producing short courses to nurture skills and interests, and, generally, helping geek kids hone their skills and pursue passion.” 

For more information about Street Geeks you can visit their website and Facebook account.

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