List of Banks That Extend Grace Period for Loan Payments Due to Coronavirus Outbreak
The Bayanihan to Heal As One Act orders the banks to extend the grace period to payment to all loans.
How to Get Php 20 Cashback When You Buy Bitcoin at PDAX
BitPinas users who use the “bitpinas” referral code can receive Php 20 cashback after making a successful cash-in to the PDAX platform.
Latest Articles of July 3
July 31, 2018 Updated
Appsolutely announces the completion of its LoyalCoin ICO and a partnership with another rewards firm that will integrate LoyalCoins in its platform.
Press Release Bitpinas
June 19, 2018 Updated
Press Release
Please go to this page if you are interested in submitting a press release on Bitpinas.
July 31, 2018 Updated
Seele admitted that community members have lost their funds. Seele promised to look into the situation and find a solution over the lost funds.