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Axie Infinity Releases Details About Origin’s Soft Launch

Initially, Origin will only be available on desktop devices through the Mavis Hub.

The widely-known blockchain game Axie Infinity is gearing up to finally launch their most-awaited update yet: Axie Infinity: Origins (Battles v3). Its developers, Sky Mavis, recently published explanations and teasers of what the community could expect from the soft launch of Origins.

Origins, an upcoming battle system that features the free-to-play version of the game, will introduce the Axie Infinity community to a whole new gameplay. Origin will be faster, more dynamic, and will allow players to test a demo of the game before making economic decisions. 

After several sneak peaks and releases of the new Axie cards on parts like its horn, tail, mouth, and back, as well as the introduction of non-NFT starter Axies, Origins is now set for launch.

According to Sky Mavis, the launch of Origin will come in phases; it will start with a small scope and gradually expand in the months after initial release. 

Initially, Origin will only be available on desktop devices through the Mavis Hub. This phase will allow the developers to gather vital feedback, test scalability of their servers, and enable the community to start adjusting to the new game mechanics. 

Around a month after the release of Origin through desktop, Sky Mavis will launch Origin for Android through a mobile APK. The separate release of Origin in desktop and mobile phones are made to ensure that the game’s servers have enough capacity to support millions of players.

After the mobile and desktop versions are live, Sky Mavis assures that they will work towards doing a “full launch that also incorporates SLP rewards, NFT Charms / Runes, and have official Seasons.” 

Currently, the soft launch will be at the Alpha stage and will be Season 0 where there will be no SLP or AXS rewards available. Also, All Trainer progress and resources earned during the Alpha window will be reset from Trainer accounts before the full formal game launch.

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The developers noted that during this stage, they will also be “actively working towards making necessary tweaks to the game so that it can be approved and listed in the Android and iOS app stores.”

For now, Origin will soft-launch with a limited set of features including PVE story mode, Runes, Charms, training mode, and a ranked mode. 

“Over time, we will iterate and update it to include features such as cosmetics, upgraded parts, tournaments, PVP seasons, and a rogue-like game mode. Axie Infinity is a community-driven ecosystem. Your feedback will be key to ensuring that we upgrade and improve Origin in a thoughtful and data-driven manner. We couldn’t be more excited to share Origin with all of you. Thank you for the patience as we all eagerly anticipate the next phase of our collective journey.” – Sky Mavis

Accordingly, in a twitter space last February 16, Sky Mavis’ program lead Andrew Campbell (aka Zyori) and game products lead Philip La discussed the mechanics and features of the upcoming gameplay of Origin. (Read more: Sky Mavis Explains Planned SLP Burning Mechanisms in Axie Infinity Origin)

Through Origin, the vision of Sky Mavis Philippines Lead Nix Eniego of Axie Infinity to be in every Filipino home might come to life.

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