Axie Infinity Reveals Token Gated Community

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Blockchain game Axie Infinity announced on Twitter its forum for token-gated community discussions hosted by Commonwealth, a platform for on-chain communities to discuss, vote, and fund projects.

“One of the major points of feedback we’ve received from the community is the need for a token-gated forum for long-form discussions amongst AXS holders as a stepping down towards community governance,” the announcement read.

Token Gated Community

Token gating contains restricting access to certain content or benefits to holders of a crypto or a non-fungible token (NFT), in this case, AXS.

“This forum has been conceived with the goal of facilitating these important discussions among those with demonstrated stake in the ecosystem,” the play-to-earn game emphasized.

Exploring Axie Commonwealth

In order to access Axie Commonwealth, go to then log in with your Ronin Wallet, edit your profile, then search for the Axie Infinity community.

There are different discussions available, such as: General, Axie Infinity Land, Axie Infinity Classic, Axie Infinity Origin, AXS Staking, Collecting, Marketplace, and Mavis Hub.

However, there is an AXS requirement for each post in each discussion, ranging from 15 AXS to 25 AXS, depending on the channel.

“We’ve set these requirements to facilitate focused discussion among those who have the strongest stake in the long-term success of the ecosystem,” Axie Infinity said.

It assured that the AXS requirement will be adjusted over time, based on the fluctuations of AXS price and data gathered from the community.

Axie Infinity also added that other assets may also be required in the future to participate in certain discussions.

The AXS requirement can be found at the bottom of the general form.

Last month, Sky Mavis announced the first batch of projects accepted in its Builders Program, an initiative that introduces user-generated content (UGC) in the Axie ecosystem.

It also revealed the upcoming Axie Convention on September 7 – 10, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

Meanwhile, Sky Mavis Philippines Lead, Nix Eniego, announced #AxiePH meetup in Manila on June 14, 2022. 

He also confirmed to BitPinas that Globe Telecom expressed its desire to propose partnerships with Sky Mavis to “elevate gaming experience” in the country. 

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