Axie Infinity Transaction Fees | How Many Free Transactions in Axie Infinity?

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Updated March 29, 2022

New changes were made to the transaction fees in the RON network. This was executed to increase the stability of the Ronin chain. Using RON as a transaction fee will help minimize the chances of dropped or failed transactions in the network.

Updates to Free Transactions in Axie Infinity?

Update March 29, 2022.

Beginning March 29, 2022 3PM (PH Time), Sky Mavis will update the free transactions received by users depending on the amount of Axies or Land they received.

From 100 free transactions daily, each account is now limited to only 20—an amount the team at Axie Infinity deems adequate for Axie owners. When these 20 free transactions are consumed, the succeeding transactions will be paid with RON. This enables a great burning mechanism for the token. 

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Free transactions from holding Axies:

  • 1 normal Axie: 3 txs/day ⟹ 1 or more normal Axies: 0 txs/month
  • 1 MEO Axie: 10 txs/day ⟹ 1 or more MEO Axies: 2 txs/month
  • 1 Origin Axie: 100 txs/day ⟹ 1 or more Origin Axies: 10 txs/month
  • 1 Mystic Axie: 500 txs/day ⟹ 1 or more Mystic Axies: 80 txs/month

Free transactions from holding Land:

  • 1 Savannah Land: 20 txs/day ⟹ 1 or more Savannah Land: 8 txs/month
  • 1 Forest Land: 60 txs/day ⟹ 1 or more Forest Lands: 26 txs/month
  • 1 Arctic Land: 180 txs/day ⟹ 1 or more Arctic Lands: 72 txs/month
  • 1 Mystic Land: 350 txs/day ⟹ 1 or more Mystic Lands: 160 txs/month

How to calculate your free transactions in Axie Infinity?

Each account will receive a certain number of free transactions per month based on the highest value NFT it has. For example, if an account has 1 Arctic land and 1 Mystic land, it gets 160 tx/month rather than 72 + 160 tx/month.

Your total free transactions are based on an average of the Axie assets you own and the amount of days you own them in the month. For example, if you only own a Mystic Axie for one day in a 30 day month then the formula is (1 Mystic Axie * 1 day) / 30 = 0 (decimal is not considered), then you will not have any free transactions for the month. In order to receive the free transactions, your wallet must hold the Mystic Axie for the entire month.

When you no longer have free transactions, you will have to pay the gas fee in RON.

You can also modify the gas fee in each transaction but before attempting to do so, please keep these things in mind:

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Wait, what is gas price?

Gas Price is the amount of RON you’re willing to pay for each unit of gas.

1 GWEI = 0.000000001 RON

Gas Limit is the maximum units of gas you’re willing to spend. This cannot be changed.

Gas fees are payments made by users to compensate the node validators for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on the Ronin blockchain.

How to Edit the Gas Fee?

To manually edit the gas fee, you will need to click “EDIT”.

Edit Gas Fee (Transaction Fee) in Axie Infinty

Make sure that “Pay with RON” is selected then click “EDIT PRIORITY”.

You will now be able to modify the gas price (GWEI). You will be able to see the estimated transaction fee below. Once you are done, click “Confirm”.

Note: Make sure that you know how this works before attempting to modify the gas price or else the transaction may fail or the gas fee would be too high.

If you modified the value for Gas Price and did it correctly, the value shown in Transaction Fee should have changed. Make sure to check it before confirming the transaction.

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