How to Play Dracoo Master NFT Game | Philippines Guide

Our guide to our readers in the Philippines on how to play Dracoo Master, what are the master token rewards, and introduction t Dracoo attributes.

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Dracoo Master is a deck-building game like Axie Infinity but it’s a bit different. You need three Dracoos in a team to play the battles and in return rewarded with tokens.

Dracoo Master PVE+PVP Preview (demo footage)

Dracoo Master Game Modes

The Sacred Peak Adventure (PVE) is where players can enjoy the battles and get rewards when they reach the top.

Arena battles (PVP) is where you can rank up and compete with other players.

Guild Wars is available to play with your friends. Each battle consumes one stamina and this can also be bought to increase your chances of winning more battles.

What are Dracoos?

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Dracoos have different races which have unique card characteristics. You can merge Dracoos to make them stronger and reach the top of the Sacred Peak.

Dracoos have six body parts:

  • Horn
  • Face
  • Body
  • Tail
  • Wings
  • Back

The horn, tail, wings and back have a corresponding card while the body and face have unique skills. These parts determine the base stats which are composed of strength, stamina and tenacity of your Dracoo.

Players can only upgrade each part up to 2 levels. Upgrading to level 1 will increase the attributes of the corresponding card and passive skill.

Upgrading to level 2 will add card animations and special body shapes to the cards. If a Dracoo is upgraded to their max level, it will have special effects and flashy effects.

The rarity of Dracoos are the following: common, rare, epic, and legendary. Rarity of Dracoos has effects on their abilities and the rarer it is the stronger.

Upon reaching the top of the Sacred Peak, you will be rewarded with Big Amber Stone ($BAS) and Dracoo Point ($DRA) which can be used to purchase Creation Module Fragments. These Creation Module Fragments can create a unique Dracoo which you could choose its color and body parts.

The art image of Dracoo created by the Creation Module Fragments will be voted by the community and the most popular designs will be updated into the game to become playable Dracoo character.

New types of Dracoos will be introduced in future game patches.

Dracoo Master Gameplay

To be able to start battles, players need to acquire access passes to receive 3 Dracoos for them to use. These access passes will be available at the website.

Dracoo Master’s gameplay combines deck-building and card-playing strategies to beat in real-time card battles. Launch an attack by using cards and defeat all your opponent’s three Dracoos, you can win the game and get the winners‘ reward.


The two sides of the battle take turns in the card round, each getting 30 seconds to manage their cards.

Playing cards take effect in real time. After 30 seconds, or the user clicks to end, the round will end and the card will be played in the next round.

The process of playing cards will continue until all the Dracoos of the user are defeated.

Stamina Crystal

At the beginning of each game, players will get 3 Stamina Crystals. The Stamina Crystals determine the number of cards that can be played in each round, and each card will consume stamina crystals to play. When the cost of the card is greater than the remaining Stamina Crystals, the card cannot be played in that round.

The total number of Stamina Crystals will not increase naturally in the game, but Stamina Crystals will be fully restored at the beginning of each round.


After the card is used, it will trigger various effects such as attacking, gaining status, gaining passive, etc. It is easier to win the battle through card strategy and matching. After a Dracoo is defeated, the corresponding card will also be removed from the current game.

Dracoo Attributes:

  • Strength: Pets with higher strengths will deal more damage each time they use offensive cards.
  • Health: Determine the specific value of Dracoo’s health. When a Dracoo’s health is empty, the Dracoo will be defeated.

Dracoo Master Token Rewards

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Big Amber Stone ($BAS) are rewarded as you play the daily quest of reaching the top of the Sacred Peak and if you have a stronger Dracoo additional $BAS is given. Daily chest would also give additional $BAS, Dracoo Point ($DRA) and First Generation Dracoo.

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$DRA will be rewarded to the top rank players at the season events. In every win, $BAS is rewarded.

Guild wars can also be rewarded with $BAS as a group.

$BAS are used for breeding and upgrading the body parts of Dracoos. While the $DRA is a governance token where the holder can participate in events and has a vote in the decentralized organization.

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