Online Game Publications Cringe on Upcoming Web3 Console

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Although technological innovations are being welcomed globally, the idea of web3 company Polium of releasing the “world’s first multi-chain console for web3 Gaming” via its Polium One is not well received by the traditional gaming community.

“The console will be powerful enough to run high-performance games and will be easy to use for a traditional gamer who doesn’t understand Web 3.”


According to the developers, the Polium console will have games and exclusive games as they are currently in talks with different web3 game developers. They noted that they “know that a console can’t be successful without games.”

“We have experience in hardware and software. The console will be built and we will execute on the roadmap. This space bashes builders who are building for Web 3 to help it expand. We are also building the console for ourselves and will not stop,” the developer’s tweeted.

Despite the innovative aim of the firm, gamers and web 3 enthusiasts are not happy with their offer.

Gaming publication Kotaku pointed out that Polium is making bold and ambitious claims of having  “4K AND 8K, has ray tracing and 120fps on its no graphics card, and boasts…Apple’s wholly owned and unavailable-to-outsiders TouchID!”

“It gets even funnier when you look at Polium’s Medium page, where we’re informed that, “The console will be built by the community.” Er, huh? Well, you see, “We will take pre-orders before the console’s hardware is completely built. This will help us gather customer feedback, ideas, and validation.” Ahhhh. They’ll take your money before a thing exists in order to feel more valid. Got it.” they wrote.

Further, gamers have stressed the uncanny resemblance of the Polium One logo with Nintendo’s GameCube.

Polium on the other hand rebuked the claims and stated that they did not copy Nintendo’s GameCube logo and that there are “multiple companies that are using a similar logo.”

“But we will illustrate a new logo that is original,” they tweeted. 

Aside from this bold attempt to integrate real-life gaming and web 3 together, recently “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds,” a sequel to the popular role-playing game (RPG) Ni No Kuni, tried to venture into non-fungible tokens (NFT) and included play-to-earn mechanics into its gameplay. And like Polium, the game also received multiple backlash although it also received adoration from players. (Read more: Ni No Kuni NFT and Crypto Features Enrage Fans)

Just this month, rumors are also spreading across the gaming world, as leaks claim that one of the largest gaming franchises in the world, Grand Theft Auto’s upcoming installment GTA 6, will have a feature of a Bitcoin-like system in-game and will be implementing crypto into its online reward system. The reaction of fans and gamers about this were also mixed but Rockstar Games, the developer, still has not confirmed anything yet. (Read: Upcoming GTA 6 May Include a Cryptocurrency Feature)

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