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Game7 Joins Metamask to Create Web3 Game Launcher HyperPlay

Photo for the Article - Game7 Joins Metamask to Create Web3 Game Launcher HyperPlay

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

Game7, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), tapped crypto custody wallet Metamask to create HyperPlay, “the world’s first Web3-native game launcher.” In a media release published last November 2, they officially announced the start of the operations of the game launcher.

“HyperPlay is open-source, free to build on, and provides simple APIs to request transactions and signatures. (And with the integration of Metamask,) gamers can now take their wallet, NFTs, tokens, and achievements with them into any game they play, making Web3 gaming permissionlessly interoperable by default.”
Yeeha in collaboration with Game7

“Until now, Web3 game developers have been forced to sacrifice UX for function with no solution for adding interoperability to native games,” the press release read.

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Accordingly, the developers noted that the players can access and play sideload games as the launcher is compatible with all games listed on the Epic Games Store and GOG. Moreover, HypePlay’s early supported titles include The Sandbox; and as per the developers, more titles are to be announced soon.

“With HyperPlay, developers can build the permissionless game economies they dream of… Players can take assets between games, use them in DeFi, and follow their friends’ wallets,” Jacobc.eth, HyperPlay founder and Game7 core contributor, stated.

Cantele was the former Lead of Operations of Metamask, he left last July to become the Head of Product Strategy for BitDAO’s Windranger Labs and Head of Product for the Game7 DAO. (Read more: MetaMask Lead of Operations Joins BitDAO and Game7 DAO)

Taylor Monahan, Global Product Lead at MetaMask, also expressed her excitement with the launch and stressed that it is a “significant milestone for the gaming industry.” 

 “Gaming is one of the most popular use cases on MetaMask and this milestone is crucial as it represents the first time that players can carry their MetaMask wallet into and across desktop games,” she added.

Metamask surpassed over 30 million monthly active users in 2021 and in the Philippines, the number of users reached 3.57 million, a 78.5% increase from the previously reported 2 million Philippine users last August 2021. (Read more: MetaMask Has 3.57 Million Users in the Philippines in 2021)

Last month, the blockchain technology firm ConsenSys announced the establishment of MetaMask Grants Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with an annual budget of $2.4 million to support developers who are creating within the MetaMask ecosystem. (Read more: ConsenSys Launches MetaMask Grants DAO with $2.4 Million Yearly Budget)

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