Macau-based MetaElfLand Extends Influence in PH P2E Market

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Macau-based web3 software development company MetaSoft Ltd., is attempting to enter the Philippines market and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming community as it actively markets their Game-Fi project MetaElfLand. Last May 12, their Philippines lead, Lan Lui, initiated a Tagalog AMA with Modern Mulan which was advertised by known P2E influencers such as Chippu, Meiji TV, and Xands Gaming. 

In line with their active marketing campaign, the game is even being played by non-P2E influencers such as Cherizawa gaming, Patricia Reyes, SN Gaming, and others.

MetaElfLand is a non-fungible token (NFT) p2e game with game mechanics such as having to take into account the gender, DNA, race, etc. of NFTs when breeding and also having a real-life-like marketplace where players don’t only purchase NFTs (e.g., characters, lands) in-game but also others such as in-game items that are requirements for breeding and evolution. 

The evolution of the game mechanics is also quite different since players need to sacrifice one (1) NFT, with a maximum of five (5) NFTs, to guarantee a 100% success rate in evolution. The evolution will commence by either sacrificing five (5) NFTs or five (5) off-chain MetaElves which are awarded to players when winning battles in PvE. 

“Aside from this being designed due to economic purposes, we should ask ourselves why almost all non-P2E games trend for so long despite not earning any money, aside from the fact that some P2E games’ economy goes into recession? It’s because their games are actually immersive; when Game-Fi projects say their games are immersive, it’s not really considered as immersive by hardcore traditional players, and that’s what we want to tackle. Take Pokemon: Red and Blue (1998) as an example; it’s not graphic but up-to-date, it’s still trending as you don’t simply have a mindset of earning from it but aim to get an achievement – that is why you analyze this and that when playing. Same goes for Mobile Legends, you don’t necessarily earn from it, but you achieve to be the best, hoping you could compete and earn.” 

According to the team, the game “aims to not only present a unique gaming experience compared to other turn-based games but also to bring a “real fair strategy-based esports tournament” where the winner gets 80% of the grand pool prize, with the 20% allocated to support the ecosystem.” – Lan Lui, Philippines lead said.

The developers noted that in MetaElfLand, instead of players using their own NFT, the esports tournament’s system is built to provide the players the NFTs through a ban-and-pick system thus avoiding “certain disadvantages such as other skilled players not being able to afford to purchase the Meta NFTs, which are often ever-changing due to buffs and nerfs”.

Moreover, according to Lan Lui, the developers didn’t only focus on building the game to have a fun and immersive gameplay but also to have a sound economic model since “no matter how graphic, entertaining, immersive, or stunning a project is, if the economic model of the ecosystem is not built properly, they are bound to fail”. 

Lastly, Lan Lui stated that for the game to be further sustained, MetaSoft Ltd. has other plans for MetaElfLand such as presenting other features and games of different genres over the same ecosystem to further increase the use cases and consumption of both NFTs and tokens, as well as through other ways such as a “proper buyback and burn approach” from the proceeds of their upcoming MetaSoft IDO platform.

What is MetaElfLand?

MetaElfLand (Meta Spirit Continent) is a P2E game similar to Pokemon Go’s on-chain semi-round and semi-real-time game. Players can buy or breed various meta pets, form battle teams, complete daily quests, PVE and PVP in the game, and get more rewards. 

The players can earn rewards through earning BNCs in daily PVE adventures, participating in the Meta-Universe Tournament (TMT) and winning matches to earn MELT, winning matches in the Arena PVP to get MELT, BNC, Breeding meta-spirit and selling them, TMT prize-winning competitions, and pledge rewards.

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