MIR4 Developer WeMade Launches Stablecoin WEMIX$

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WeMade, the company behind the cryptocurrency game MIR4, introduced WEMIX$, a stablecoin that runs on its own blockchain.

According to the media release, WEMIX$ first circulation was 11 million, issued last Saturday. Each WEMIX$ stablecoin is backed by USDC, the stablecoin by fintech company Circle.

The company claims that it stabilizes the value of WEMIX$ by issuing and burning the token in order to maintain its 1:1 ration with USDC.

When the value of WEMIX$ exceeds 1 USDC, the protocol (called “DIOS”) will issue more WEMIX$ to repeg it back to the USDC value.

WeMade CEO Henry Chang expressed his enthusiasm for the new token, which he believes will help the company’s blockchain grow.

“WEMIX$ has all the requirements of a stablecoin. If WEMIX$ operates successfully as planned, it will not only contribute to the growth of the mainnet ecosystem of WEMIX but also become a key currency for blockchain transactions,” Change said in a statement.

WEMIX$ and WEMIX.FI, the company’s DeFi service is expected to be the foundation of the WEMIX ecosystem.

WeMade’s blockchain game – MIR4 – is a popular massively multiplayer online RPG with blockchain components. It reached 20 million cumulative users in 2021 and 6.5 million monthly active users at one time, according to an article in Entrepreneur.com. In its interview with Chang, the CEO said he thinks MIR4 is the most successful blockchain game.

“The game proved that it is possible to make an enjoyable, well-made blockchain game for players, a game that people would love to play not just to earn cryptocurrencies, but for the sheer fun of the gameplay,” Chang said.

Chang said that the game had 1.4 million concurrent users immediately after launch, which he claimed “an exceptional result for an MMORPG.”

MIR4 can be played on Windows, Mac, and mobile phones.

WeMade has a new game – MIR M – another spinoff of the company’s Legend of Mir franchise. It is expected to launch in Q4 of 2022.

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