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Who are the 5 New Axie Infinity Ronin Validators?

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“Last week’s security breach has served as a potent reminder of the importance of truly distributed networks.” – Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis, the developer of the blockchain game Axie Infinity, unveiled the five new validators for their Ronin bridge to further secure the transactions of their community members. The new validators are Delphi, Animoca Brands, Dialectic, Nansen, and Stable Node.

“We have considerable long-term ambitions for Ronin. We believe that engaging you all (and others) more directly to collectively secure and oversee the network is a fundamental prerequisite for security and scale.  We are accelerating that process, and want your input on next steps,” Sky Mavis wrote in a blog.

Who are the new Ronin Validators?

The developers added that their overall goal is to reach a state in three months where at least 21 independent validator nodes are collectively securing the network. Sky Mavis noted that they are in the process of on-boarding the above-mentioned validators into their validator node pool and it is expected to be completed this week.

For their next step, Sky Mavis assured that they will evolve their current source code to improve security and decentralization functionality. The developers noted that they would like to add the ability to assign withdrawal limits and enable more governance functions in the bridge. 

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“We anticipate the design process to be collaborative throughout, involving our community as well as other security firms and investors,” Sky Mavis added

1) Delphi Digital

Delphi Digital
Delphi Digital

Delphi Digital is a consulting, investment, and research-driven firm dedicated to advancing the understanding and development of the growing digital asset market.

2) Animoca Brands

Photo for the Article - Who are the 5 New Axie Infinity Ronin Validators?

Animoca, and its various subsidiaries develop and publish a broad portfolio of blockchain games, traditional games, and other products. It is a leading investor in the NFT space, with a mission of delivering digital property rights to users of the internet.

3) Dialectic

Dialectic is a Swiss capital enterprise focused on deployment of human and financial capital into alternative assets. Last February, Dialectic led the series A raise of Lava Labs, a blockchain gaming startup now valued at $100 million.

4) Nansen

Photo for the Article - Who are the 5 New Axie Infinity Ronin Validators?

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. Nansen has a very popular tool for tracking Axie Infinity and Ronin data, including how many AXS are currently staked, and how many SLP is burnt daily.

5) Stable Node

StableNode operates Blockchain Node Validations and uses the accruing rewards for Investments in early-stage Crypto and Blockchain ventures as well as for liquidity provision in DeFi Applications.

“Running a validator is an important role that will help secure billions of dollars in asset value–applicants should have a high degree of alignment and technical ability.”

Sky Mavis

These changes are due to the hacking incident that happened last week within the Ronin bridge and decentralized exchange Katana where hackers steal cryptocurrencies Ethereum (ETH) and US Dollar Coin (USDC) that are worth a combined $625 million. (Read more: Axie Infinity Ronin Network Hack | Money Has Been Transferred to Binance, FTX,

In a BitPinas exclusive, Lorne Lantz of tracking tool Breadcrumbs shared how the stolen funds move and what the hacker did to exploit the Ronin Network. (Read more: Tracking the Stolen Funds from Ronin Network Using Breadcrumbs)

On the other hand, the delayed launch of Axie Infinity: Origin, the game’s free-ro-play version, is set to commence tomorrow, April 7. (Read more: Axie Infinity Origin Launch Week Starts, Game Launches on April 7)

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