Play-to-Earn Games to Watch Out For February 2022

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2021 was surely a year for the dawning of the blockchain play-to-earn games with the buzzing news of Axie Infinity in the country and other play-to-earn games popping up like mushrooms.

Wondering what are the other games and updates coming out this February?


Speaking of Axie Infinity, just recently, they have released several game changers such as the preseason card/skill buff, nerfs and the Axie release feature in the Axie Marketplace where you can say goodbye to your Axies to release them into the wild. Sky Mavis issued Lunar New Year-themed land items up for grabs as you send out your Axies until the 20th of February. Take note, there is a raffle for doing so. One winner will get 5 AOC tokens to mint Origin Axies with, 10 winners for Kitsune item, and 100 winners for Coingecko or Ganbaru CrypTon item.

Axie Infinity Lunar Items

Don’t forget that Axie Infinity has also announced us their Builder Program. This has encouraged the game developers within the community to create their own game using the platform. This helps in creating new contents within the Ronin blockchain to keep the community engaged and keep them rooting for more. Thousands of entries have already been submitted to them in response to this! Imagine having Flappy Axies or Super Mario inspired Axie mini games.

When will the land game and Axie Infinity V3 be released?

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Crypto Unicorns

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When you were a kid, have you ever thought if unicorns are real? Well, this game makes them real and the best part is, you can have your own unicorn!

Laguna Games’s Crypto Unicorns is a new play-to-earn blockchain game based on the Polygon blockchain. Your unicorns can participate in team RPG, racing and jousting. They also need berries. They need to eat, too! The game allows you to purchase one or more land. Once you have one, you can use this for farming. You can also interact with neighboring land to build your economy within the unicorn metaverse.

Crypto Unicorns

Recently, Crypto Unicorn had their land minted and the third phase of land sale will be on the 3rd of February. Based on their Twitter post, by next month, there will be farming and breeding mechanisms for your unicorns. Better buy now and see them hatch eggs, soon! The  Marketplace will be operational, too, for opportunities to buy and sell your NFT. 

For more details about this project, you can visit them at and


Dracoo Master

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Do you wish to summon and train your own dragon? Now, you can with Radbug’s Dracoo Master.

Dracoo Master is similar to Axie Infinity as a deck building game. Its game mode is composed of guild wars (GVG), arena battles (PVP) and climbing up the Sacred peak adventure (PVE) that you could earn tokens from. You can also equip your Dracoos with equipment that would add to their strength and potentially improve their skills in battle. 

Dracoos have six types: Lightning, Fire, Water, Dark, Steel and Grass, which have their own unique attributes. You can also design your own Dracoo by using $DRA and $BAS. One interesting feature of this game is the ability to create your own Dracoo by selecting specific body parts you wanted to build it with. Body parts are composed of the horn, wings, tail, back, face and body.

Dracoo Master

As of this moment they are on Alpha testing, meaning it is still in development, but based on their roadmap, beta version of the game may be available by March. This February, they are going to have their NFT Blind Boxes, meaning they will have a minting of NFT which their rarity will be revealed after the sale. There would also be an introduction of their own $DRA token and liquidity of the said token. That’s something to look forward to.

If you want to read their whitepaper, you can go to and their official website:


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This AAA RPG game has been in development and the graphics of its teasers are really on fire:


In this game, you are a survivor who responded to a distress call and learned about the nature of the planet and its habitation. Illuvials, alien creatures from a vast terrestrial planet, can be collected to do battles with other players. Shards can be looted in the process.

$ILV staking is operational if you want to invest long term in this game. This token is the governance token for Illuvium and holders have the privilege to vote with the community. Not a financial advice. Just saying.

And guess what? You can get a chance of being part of a beta test for Illuvium! Recently, they announced on Twitter a beta test for autobattler mode and this is a good opportunity to have a feel of the gameplay. To register as a beta tester, refer to the link: and check out their website for more information:


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Do you want to catch your own pet just like Pokemon? Legends of Venari could be your game play. 

As of this moment, to be able to play the game, you need to acquire passes from their Opensea account. You can catch your own Venari by using baits and storing them on rigs. You will consume a daily supply of energy when you explore the different parts of the region.

Legends of Venari

Recently, guilds are going for this game. Based on its roadmap, more development will occur. Starting February, quests will be added to the gameplay. If you purchased Venari from the Alpha Phase, they will be removed from the pool and to make way for a new Venari to be part of the game. Crafting will also be introduced to improve your rigs and baits to catch stronger Venari. An additional region will also be added for more areas.

Legends of Venari has also launched their winter event where you can get a rare Kahlor until February 4, 2022.
For more information, visit their site on



Do you want to have that Star Wars-like environment as you ride your own spacecraft and battle enemy ships across the galaxy? If yes, then, this game is for you.

Spacecrypto offers game plays like boss battles, raids, PvP tournaments and Landlord. Boss battles are PVE games that you battle with enemy ships and bosses. Raid is a burn mechanism to fuel up your spaceship and earn SPG tokens. Land owners can harvest resources and place a lease on their plots for others to use and earn rent. Each player can have a maximum of 15 spaceships. 

Recently, they have opened staking of their token and announced a beta test for the game on their Twitter account. Based on their road map, within the first quarter, they may launch their game plays and then tokens will soon be available in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Merging of spaceships will also be available soon.

Check out their website for more information:

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