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[Updated] Sky Mavis Explains Planned SLP Burning Mechanisms in Axie Infinity Origin

Sky Mavis recently explained what’s in store for Axie Infinity players in the “Origin” version of the game.

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Update May 5, 2022: Axie Infinity releases a burning mechanism. As per Sky Mavis’ Jeff Zirlin:

We have released a tool that makes it easy for anyone to burn SLP.

This was a feature requested by tournament organizers so that they could host tournaments with an SLP buy-in that gets burned to help balance the economy. We imagine that many more use cases will emerge over time!

Please note that there are no rewards for using this tool. All SLP burned using this tool will be gone forever and cannot be recovered.

Update: April 8, 2022: Sky Mavis releases Axie Infinity: Origin Early Access!

Original article follows:

Game developer Sky Mavis’ program lead Andrew Campbell (aka Zyori) and the newly appointed game products lead Philip La shared the mechanics and features of the upcoming Origin (Battles v3) of the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity. They discussed this in Axie Infinity’s twitter space last February 16.

One of the upcoming features Origin will offer is the free-to-play (F2P) aspect. According to them, starter Axies are not non-fungible tokens (NFT) and not on-chain, but they can still be used in player-vs-player (PVP) and player-vs-environment (PVE) battles. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) earning is also not possible in F2P.

Moreover, they revealed that the starter Axies disclosed are still not the entirety of it as more are still locked; more Axies will be unveiled through PVE.

Zyori and La also stated that players can also use their own (purchased NFT) Axies and combo them with the starter Axies in F2P. They added that “blockchain assets will have advantages.”

Philip La answered a question about the dynamic of charms and runes when it comes to scholar-shared accounts, he said that “things are still subject to change but I will give answers to the best of my knowledge.”

“In terms of runes and charms crafting, it will all be likely done within the game client, within Origin. Scholars will be able to craft within the account but they will only be able to use the SLP that is in the account,” he explained and added that SLPs in their account could be used if it is not claimed onto their wallet.

Additionally, non-blockchain charms and runes can be crafted through Moonshards, the in-game currency of Origin which they clarified that are not in blockchain.

Further, they emphasized that classes are important for charms and runes; some will be common, others will be class-specific. They said that purer Axies will have access to higher quality and a wider variety of charms and runes. (Read More: Nix Eniego Joins Axie Infinity Developer Sky Mavis)

For Origin’s gameplay, they stated that battles will have a sequential turn order where Axies will now execute their attacks immediately as cards are played. The turn order will also be randomly determined before battle and there will no longer be accumulation of cards and energy by default.

Further, unlike in Axie Infinity version 2, random critical strikes are no longer possible; instead, the use of rage cards increases rage, which is used to have a critical strike.

They also explained that Darth Hermit is a minion, and cards can spawn other minions to help you with your battle.

Options such as “Retain” and “Banish” also play a role in managing cards. Retain is used when the player decides to keep a card in hand while banish means removing the card from the play. (Read More: Axie Infinity Transaction Fees | How Many Free Transactions in Axie Infinity?)

In regards to the future of Origin, they shared that they will introduce modes where specific parts can be used. New parts of Axies will be introduced overtime. Also, “smaller hyper-casual builder projects seem the most likely to roll out this year.”

Lastly, they disclosed that Lore is also coming. Lore pertains to the story mode for the origin of Axies.

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