SLP Rewards Removed in Axie Infinity Classic (V2), Added in Axie Origin

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“Origin Season 0 is here! Season 0 lasts for 30 days and marks the transition of Origin into Phase 3. This is a huge step forward for our digital nation as there are a variety of important updates.” –Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis, the developing team behind the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, announced today Season 0 of Axie Infinity: Origin and the transition into the 3rd phase of the game. Along with the launch is the integration of two biggest changes players will experience; the introduction of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) to the gameplay of Origin and the ability for players to craft Runes and Charms that can be minted onto the blockchain and used to buy, sell, trade, or gift to other players.

Origin, a battle system that features the free-to-play version of the game that allows even non-Axie, the game’s non-fungible token, holders to play the blockchain game through Starter Axies. (Read more: Axie Infinity Origin – Gameplay Mechanics Guide)

Further, according to Sky Mavis, since the launch of Axie Infinity: Origin (V3) in April of this year, the game has received 800,000 downloads.

SLP Integration

As stated, Season 0 will integrate SLP, one of the game’s tokens that are convertible to fiat, to Axie Infinity: Origin gameplay as well as the official removal of the token from Axie Infinity: Classic (V2). 

Like in Classic, SLP will be distributed in PvP Ranked mode when players win battles. However, Season 0 gave it another utility– aside from being used to breed Axies–SLP will now be required in order to craft various Charms and Runes. Moreover, unlike in Classic, the SLP emission in Origin is projected to be much lower and players in the rankings and move up on the leaderboard will be entitled to more SLP rewards.

“However, no SLP will be allowed to be minted during Season 0 (30 days) as we monitor the system. If any bugs, abuse, or exploits are found in SLP emissions, players may have SLP taken away before it can be minted,” the developers reminded.

Other Updates:

Leaderboard Rewards

The leaderboard rewards for this season will also get major changes. Season 0 will have 20,000 players on its leaderboard—twice the number from the previous Season Alpha. These players will also divide the increased rewards of 60,708 Axie Infinity Shards (AXS); Season Alpha featured 49,157 AXS.

However, Axie Infinity stressed that for Season 0, the AXS leaderboard will reset; this means that all player progression (ranking, runes, charms, and resources) will go back to square one.

Moon Shards and Utility Crafting Items Changes

Along with the other changes, the means of acquiring Moon Shards and Utility Crafting Items (Moon Dusts and Ancient Moonstones) will also change in order to reward players who are playing the game the most and progressing through the ranks.

“NFT runes and charms introduce the concept of vertical progression which will be key to balancing the economy and increasing the emotional bond players have with their Axie NFTs. We have strong momentum leading up to a full launch and I’m excited to see the communities reaction to Season 0.” –Trung Nguyen, Sky Mavis CEO

Moreover, the ability to craft Runes and Charms that can be minted onto the blockchain, Ronin Runes and Charms, and to be able to buy/sell/trade/gift other players will also be implemented. 

These NFT Runes and Charms are tokens in the ERC-1155 blockchain and will cost a small fee to mint onto the blockchain, this is paid in AXS and is pegged at $3 USD of AXS.

Other changes include, new Crafting Recipes and small changes to utility item %’s.

“Disenchanting is an important mechanic that allows Runes and Charms to have sustained utility after they expire (seasonal). We want players who put a lot of time, resources, and effort to gain value from these, while ensuring a balance is still maintained relative to players who do not disenchant,” Sky Mavis explained.

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