Axie Infinity Wizard SPAMANDRICE Joins YGG Elite Esports

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • One of Axie Infinity’s top players, Spamandrice, has joined the Axie Infinity: Origins team of YGG Elite, the esports arm of Yield Guild Games.
  • Before joining YGG Elite, Spamandrice was the esports captain of the esports team of QU3ST, a web3 gaming organization that is one of the major supporters of the Axie Creator Program.
  • According to Mike Ovecka, YGG’s Head of Esports, Spamandrice’s addition to the team will further solidify YGG Elite’s position as a leading esports team in the web3 gaming space as he is really driven to succeed, and that competitive mindset will benefit the entire team.

Spamandrice, a well-known Axie Infinity top player, has joined the premier esports team of blockchain gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG), the YGG Elite. As per the guild’s announcement, he will be joining the group’s competitive Axie Infinity: Origins team. 

Prior to this, Spamandrice was the esports captain for QU3ST, the web3 gaming organization leading the Axie Creator Program, an initiative to support the content creators in the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

“I’m thrilled to join one of the most elite esports teams in web3… My biggest rivals will now become my allies, and that is going to be a scary sight to see for our competition. The passion that YGG embodies is unmatched. I look forward to accomplishing many great things together,” said Spamandrice.

Aside from being an esports captain, Spamandrice also represented QU3ST in various tournaments, such as the BEAT Invitational Season 2. He was the second place in AxieCon’s Axie Origin World Championship and was the champion of Day 2 of the Axie Infinity Invitationals in January 2022

He was also actively participating in the Philippines. Last November, he was the champion of the Axie Open Manila 2022, where he won against more than 195 other players from across the globe. While at the  Axie Infinity Cabanatuan Community Meetup (CabsyCon) last October, Spamandrice was among the Top 8 players in the Axie Cabanatuan LAN tournament

“What a blessing it is to join the most established guild in web3. Looking forward to accomplishing new feats together!! Get your seatbelts ready, season 3 is going to be WILD,” Spamandrice tweeted

The BitPinas Team interviewing Champion Spamandrice during the Axie Open Manila 2022.

The YGG Elite is under the leadership of Mike Ovecka, YGG’s Head of Esports and former Program Manager for Hearthstone Esports at Blizzard. The team is composed of 10 “highly skilled esports players who have consistently achieved top rankings in various web3 gaming competitions worldwide”. 

These competitions include the Axie Infinity Retreat in Las Vegas, where YGG Elite’s Itachity took home the championship prize while Elm0momo and BigGabbie claimed second and fourth places, respectively. 

The team also competed in tournaments such as the Axie Infinity Showdown Snackclub, the Axie BYOD Series, the Lunacian Sports League, the Galaxy Cup, the LootSquad Showdown, and the Splinterfest, among others.

Ovecka further shared the team’s excitement over Spamandrice’s onboarding, as “he is really driven to succeed, and that competitive mindset will benefit the entire team,” noting that the top player’s addition to the team will further solidify YGG Elite’s position as a leading esports team in the web3 gaming space:

“We were impressed with his winning record and natural talent for content creation and streaming. We’re confident that he will be a great asset to our program as we continue to build a strong and dynamic web3 gaming esports team.”

According to YGG, in support of its esports team, it actively provides upskilling opportunities for its players, such as brainstorming sessions and theory-crafting discussions. It also sponsors the team’s overseas trips so that its most promising competitive guild members can gain more hands-on experience in competitions around the world and against other world-leading players.

YGG was one of the organizers of the first-ever Philippine Web3 Festival last November, which the Axie Open Manila 2022 was part of. Known content creators in the Axie Infinity ecosystem that are part of the guild include Kookoo Crypto TV, Spraky, Shanks, Archer Perez, and more. 

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