Top Gaming Projects on Solana Right Now

Here is our guide for Philippine play-to-earn players on the top gaming projects right now on the Solana blockchain.

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The rise of several play-to-earn (P2E) games is causing the crypto space to heat up, and now, developers appear to have found a new favorite: Solana; and it’s easy to see why. 

Gaming is by far the most demanding type of application in the crypto industry, hence, projects are specifically looking for blockchains that can handle high speeds at ultra-low costs, which is exactly what Solana provides. Let’s explore some of the hottest titles that entered the Solana P2E arena as of December 2021.

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Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a space-themed grand strategy blockchain game set in the year 2620, where gamers can explore a massive metaverse that offers a variety of immersive experiences, such as building large cities, creating micro-economies, collaborating with other players, and forming decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The Star Atlas universe has tokenized most of its environment, including its lands, planets, spaceships, and other in-game assets.

Players can create, acquire, and trade assets and virtual real estate, which can be monetized both in-game and in the real world.

Builders play a prominent role in Star Atlas, as their main goal is to produce goods and improve existing technologies. They may ally and trade with extractors and refiners who supply natural resources for the metaverse. Players can gain an edge over other players by combining the right capabilities like conserving resources and honing specializations. 

Star Atlas has two tokens called ATLAS and POLIS. 

ATLAS is the game’s native asset, which allows players to purchase in-game NFTs, including land, crew, spaceship, and other items. 

POLIS is its governance token that equips players with the power to influence critical decisions in Star Atlas, mainly on the development side. 

This is perhaps the most hyped game on Solana, but note that the game is still in development while its assets are already being sold.


Photo for the Article - Top Gaming Projects on Solana Right Now

Genopets is an MMORPG game that tokenizes a player’s physical movements as assets inside the game through the help of wearable devices; lately dubbed as “move-to-earn”. 

The Genopets NFT characters serve as the centerpiece of the game and can be minted by players for free. Genopets can go through 77 levels of upgrades and 12 stages of material evolution that will equip them with increased abilities over time. However, they can only be upgraded once players reach a certain level of XP (experience), which can be acquired through physical activities. 

There are also three other types of NFTs besides the Genopets: 

  1. Augment NFTs can improve a Genopet’s appearance and abilities. 
  2. Habitat NFTs help strengthen Genopets. 
  3. Refined Crystals NFTs are critical elements in creating every type of item in the Genopets world. They can be alchemized (mixed) with unrefined crystals to form new equipment and items. 

The game has two tokens called KI and GENE. 

KI is the platform’s reward token that can boost a Genopet’s evolution while GENE is a governance token that allows players to participate in the decision-making that sets the game’s future path. 


Aurory is a role-playing desktop game that brings players into a retro-futuristic world called Antik, inhabited by creatures called Nefties. Players can catch Nefties, help them evolve, pit them in battles, or sell them in the marketplace to make money. 

The game has two modes: PvE and PvP. 

In the PvE mode, players follow the adventures of a retro-futuristic cat-like creature named Helios. Players must engage and complete the mode’s quests and defeat incoming opponents to further push the story’s plot. 

For the PvP mode, players will be pitted against each other in friendly battles, ranked tournaments, and other challenges that will test their abilities as Neftie trainers. 

Aurory’s token is called AURY, a multi-utility ecosystem token that players can earn by participating in the game’s PvE and PvP modes and staking. The game is planning to equip AURY with governance capabilities soon to expand its utility and give players a larger role in the future. 

The game’s NFTs, called Aurorians, are 10,000 generative NFT avatars launched last August 31, 2021, and are set to provide early adopters with truly valuable perks. These benefits include access to future game modes before they go public, boosted rewards, free NFT airdrops. 


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MonkeyBall is a turn-based virtual soccer game where players get to play as monkeys on mobile and desktop. Players can take on the role of a Striker, Goalkeeper, Midfielder, or Defender. The game has three modes: PvE, PvP, and Team vs Team.  

Players will go through 12 rounds in each match and can execute commands such as Moving, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting the Ball, and Special Moves. And it’s up to the players to combine these moves in the most strategic way to beat their opponents. 

MonkeyBall has two tokens called MonkeyBucks (MBS) and SCORE. 

MonkeyBucks is the game’s in-game currency and can be acquired by completing missions, winning matches, opening loot boxes, or buying them from crypto exchanges. They can also be acquired by being a Spectator or hosting games in Stadiums, which is another way to make money in the game.

SCORE is the game’s governance token that enables holders to vote on the future development of the MonkeyBall platform.  

The NFT Monkeys are the game’s primary assets that serve as avatars for the players.


Photo for the Article - Top Gaming Projects on Solana Right Now

Decimated is another P2E game set in an alternative Earth where the destructive effects of climate change have already consumed the world. Players have the option to fight or team up with other players throughout the game, as well as do a wide range of activities like collecting legal and illegal resources, scavenging loot, building safe houses for their groups, and hunting legendary creatures. 

Gamers will begin as simple human citizens but may choose different roles later in the game and fulfil different tasks, depending on how they played initially. For instance, they can become a Cop if they don’t have previous criminal records. 

Decimated’s in-game currency is called DIO, which can be used to buy and sell assets in the game. Players can earn DIO by completing missions or buying them on exchanges.

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