Top Play-to-Earn Games to Watch Out For This September 2022

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Christmas is already felt in the Philippines. With all the Jose Marie Chan songs playing in the background, what can gamers look forward to for the month of September? Here is a list of play-to-earn (P2E) games that may interest you.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The purpose of the article is to educate the readers about the available blockchain games in the market. Do due diligently research on blockchain games before investing in them.

Axie Infinity

With Axie Origin Season 0, players have been on the run for the top spot in the leaderboard and some of the esport players are competing for the AxieCon this September 7-10.

With the AxieCon happening this month, what could possibly be in store for Lunacians who are grinding and crafting runes and charms with their SLPs?

We will surely find out soon!

The Sandbox

Most are familiar with The Sandbox because of its pixelated virtual reality that gamers can roam around and enjoy those sophisticated game plays developed by game designers.

The Sandbox has opened its Alpha Open 3 recently. New features and designs that gamers and collectors can be purchased from the marketplace.

Talking about game designers, The Sandbox together with BlockchainSpace has started its PINASining contest. Here participants will create a three-by-three scale of an asset that has a Filipino theme. Whether it is an old Filipino house, a statue or whatever creativity the designer could think of. The total price pool is worth ₱50,000.00 in SAND. (More details about the previous PINASining event here.)

Anito Legends

Homegrown play-to-earn game Anito Legends has released their early access so those who are rooting for the game will be able to use their non-fungible token (NFT) characters already.

These NFT characters portrayed by Filipino mythological characters can also possess crafted equipment and weapons. 

Anito Legends’ public sale is open and the game can be played on multiple platforms. Anitos Legends‘ LARO Token is live and available.

For more on this read: Filipino-developed NFT Game Anito Legends Early Access Now Available.


The Tezos dapp Dogami is releasing an update of the game on September 14. As of Dogami, 100 game testers will have the chance to participate in the early stage of the game and support the Dogamí development. Their goal is to get essential feedback from the testers on the gameplay before releasing it to the public. 

Dogami is the first of its kind on the Tezos blockchain where dog lovers can adopt their own digital creature and use augmented reality (AR) to be able to interact with these adorable creatures. Owners can feed them, train them, and breed them to earn DOGA, Dogami’s native currency. Users can use DOGA to purchase clothes and items and use it to breed their virtual pets and trade rare breeds in the marketplace.

For more about Dogami, read: Dogami NFT Project an International Success – TZ APAC.

Deviants’ Factions

For card game enthusiasts, Deviants’ Faction may be for you. The card game has just migrated its NFT assets from Terra to ImmutableX. Placing their assets to ImmutableX benefits its gamers to enjoy lesser gas fees. The process will be completed on their Opening Event. So, if the gamer has his assets still in Terra, he has to migrate as soon as possible.

Gamers can purchase NFT cards from the marketplace, either by bundle or individually. The cards are categorized by factions: Awaken, Entropy, Inhuman and Owner. Each faction has their own characteristics. These deck of cards can be used to battle with other Deviants. DEV are rewarded to the victor.

For more information, here is the official website.

Nova Rally

WAX blockchain-based race car game Nova Rally has launched their Drop Day recently for racing enthusiasts to enjoy. This is their Founders Cosmetic Sale where enthusiasts can get the first batch of NFTs available.

Nova Rally is a P2E racing simulation. Players need to have two drivers and one vehicle to represent them in races and compete with others to win prizes. Players will need to create powerful combinations of drivers and vehicles. This strategy is to adapt to different race conditions in order for them to climb their way up the Nova League ranks.

For more detail, click on the official website.

Legends of Elumia

Solana-based Legends of Elumia (LOE) has recently posted that the collectible Genesis heroes are already available for players to purchase. Legends of Elumia has branded itself as the next generation MMORPG. Will it satisfy enthusiasts of this type of genre? We will see.

For more on the instructions on how to get Legends of Elumia’s collectable heroes, refer to their Medium blog site. 

Legends of Elumia is leading the way for MMORPG players to gain full ownership of their in-game assets through new mechanics. LOE gives players complete autonomy over these NFT items: characters, equipment, land, and buildings.

For more of the game, visit their official website.


Sparkadia is an ecosystem of games. It features fantastic characters, a lighthearted cozy-cosmic world, and fun gameplay experiences. Players can create and customize their avatar as a citizen of Sparkadia. Then they can explore between our various games to see our characters come to life and immerse yourself in our universe.

Their first game is Edenbrawl, a competitive MOBA game.

Sparkadia is developed by Worldspark Studios, a team of AAA developers whose prior credits include League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Halo, Destiny, Fortnite, and to name a few.

Recently they have created a raffle for enthusiasts to have a chance to get free NFT characters. If they are lucky enough, the enthusiast may get all 8 characters: Inksy, GloKat, Jet, Roostandor, Hotpaws, Snooker, Kana and Kensu and Jan-Itor and Bub.

For more details, go to the official website.

Heroes Chained

Heroes Chained released its Beta Test on their website on the last day of August. Players can get a taste of this role-playing game where good and evil will battle until one reigns.

Heroes Chained is a fantasy action RPG where the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes. 

For more information, refer to their official website.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of new games entering the play-to-earn arena. Different genre of gameplay, from card battles, MOBA, MMORPG, RPG to race simulations. But before buying these NFT assets, always do due diligence researching them first before investing.

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