Twitter Survey Shows SLP as Most Important part of Axie Infinity

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With more than 5,700 respondents out of 8,000, a Twitter survey revealed that the price and value of utility token Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is the most important part of the popular NFT game Axie Infinity.

With the results, it was concluded that SLP is more important than the other 3 categories combined. The total votes of 71.3% overwhelmed the second highest voted category, “fun game” (13.6%), with a wide gap. The other two were the community (10.4%) and the price of Axie (4.7%), the games non-fungible token used for battles and earning tokens.

The Twitter user @FarmerNash_,the creator of the survey, noted that it is not wrong for players to consider SLP as the most important part of Axie Infinity because “many players began playing Axie because they heard from friends, family, and media sources that it is a way to play a fun game and put food on the table.” However, the survey creator said it has also became a problem of its own.

“The biggest “problem” we are experiencing in Axie Infinity is the game being “tied down” by SLP. Since 71% of the players believe SLP is the most important factor, chances are they will not use it to “play the game.”” –Farmer Nash

He noted that not much of the supply of SLP is being used for its intended purpose of breeding and because of this, there is a sharp decrease in token price.

“I believe Axie will begin to cater to people who play for the “fun game” aspect instead of the “make money” aspect. This means lower $SLP issuance, less energy per Axie, or even pay-to-win walls if they see fit. At the end of the day… The amazing Axie Infinity we have come to know and love is a video game, and it has been treated as more of a job,” he added.

Recently, Axie Infinity revealed that season 21 of the game will go live on April 25th until June 24th and there will be no card balancing unlike the previous seasons 18 to 20. 

“After S21 is completed, we should be much closer to having the competitive pillars in place to embark on Origin’s first leaderboard season with a tokenized prize pool. At that time, we will also consider moving SLP rewards from Classic to Origin.” –Axie Infinity

Last April 7th, Sky Mavis, the developer of blockchain game Axie Infinity, launched the global Early Access release: Origin (Battles v3) via Mavis Hub, Sky Mavis’ distribution platform. Origin started in Alpha and Season 0, which means rewards convertible to money are still not live. (Read more: Sky Mavis Announces Early Access Release of Axie Infinity: Origin)

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