What is MMR in Axie Infinity | Sky Mavis Clarifies MMR Reset

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By Shiela Bertillo

Play-to-earn game Axie Infinity published a clarification earlier regarding the MMR (matchmaking rating) reset for the Season 19 off-season which came unannounced and different from the initial setting.

What is MMR in Axie Infinity?

MMR is assigned to each player to assess their skills and so that they can be matched with an opponent similar to their skills; this also determines the amount of Smooth Love Potion (SLP), one of the game’s tokens that is convertible to real money, a player can acquire for every win in player-vs-player (PVP) arena.

“First, we want to say that we originally planned to announce it with this blog post and made a mistake to reset it beforehand. We will learn from that misstep,” the developers, Sky Mavis, wrote.

Initially, the MMR reset this season is planned to have granular MMR reset adjustments for different levels of MMR. However, as stated by the developers it wasn’t “feasible given numerous factors and trade-offs, especially technical limitations.”

Accordingly, the Off-season MMR for all players was reset to 1200.

“That said, this MMR reset will help make sure that SLP supply and demand are closer to balance. We observed that over time, MMR inflation was happening as the player-base grew, meaning more and more SLP was being produced each offseason,” the developers wrote.

Further, Sky Mavis noted that off-seasons have been increasing in time and length which drew them to the conclusion of releasing balancing updates in the middle of off-season rather than at the beginning of the season, which happened and caused complaints in Season 19.

Moreover, according to the data below, the average SLP per PVP battle increased by ~40% over the course of Season 19, from Day 1 to the last day of the season. 

“We believe that resetting off-season MMR reduces unnecessary supply, and ultimately leads to a more balanced SLP economy,” they stated.

They also reiterated that the developers “care deeply about the economy and the Axie Infinity community.”

“We spend considerable time thinking deeply about the tradeoffs between short and long term economic balancing.  While we will continue to lean strongly towards the long term growth and sustainability of our ecosystem, we want you to know that we plan to shift some of our focus towards certain short-term issues that have emerged.  We know it’s important,” they added.

On the same blog, Axie Infinity addressed the concerns about in-game economic balance regarding the demand and supply of SLP. (Read more: Axie Infinity Discusses ways to balance SLP economy)

Moreover, the game also released a teaser and development updates for its upcoming Land gameplay, Project K. (Read more: Axie Infinity Teases Land Gameplay for 2022)

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[…] This text is printed on BitPinas: Axie Infinity Clarifies MMR Reset […]

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[…] This article was published on BitPinas: Axie Infinity Explains MMR Reconstruction […]

[…] This article was published on BitPinas: Axie Infinity Explains MMR Reconstruction […]


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