Post an Event

Steps in posting an event:

  1. Make sure all mandatory event details are filled out. (Check the main event page for examples.)
    1. Event Title
    2. Event Type (meetup, conference, etc)
    3. Event Category (online, physical event)
    4. Event Location (if there is no location yet, put TBA. Once details are finalized you can message BitPinas ( to update the listing.)
    5. Date and Time
    6. Description of the event
      1. Who organized the event?
      2. What the event is about.
      3. Other details (speakers, schedule, etc)
    7. Registration email or URL (if not applicable, link it to the social page where the event is posted.)
    8. Start and End Date
    9. Start Time and End Time.
  2. Event banner should be in landscape format.
  3. At the beginning of the text, mention the name of the organizer.
  4. Once submitted, notify BitPinas at or message our social channels.

Event Details

Maximum file size: 128 MB.
Maximum file size: 128 MB.