DTI, DICT Chiefs Lead Opening of Philippine Blockchain Week

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MANILA, Philippines, November 29, 2022  — Philippine Blockchain Week is proud to announce that  Alfredo E. Pascual, Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and Ivan John Uy, Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) will be speaking at the conference opening today. The inaugural event is set to feature the biggest names in blockchain technology, crypto and web3 at Marriott Grand Ballroom, Newport World Resorts, Pasay City, Philippines.

Secretary Pascual will give the welcome speech in the morning and Secretary Uy will deliver a keynote address and lead the induction rites of the newly created Blockchain Council of the Philippines in the afternoon.

Dr. Donald Lim, lead convenor of the event said, “The government plays a crucial role in our aim of promoting blockchain education in the country and highlighting the Philippines as the blockchain hub in Asia. We are very grateful to Secretary Pascual and Secretary Uy for their support to this endeavor as we bring the international business community’s attention to the Philippines.”

“It gives us a sense of pride to see the thought leaders and practitioners from the media, technology, and creative fields gathered for the first event of this kind here. We are thankful that they are taking the time to share their experiences and the advantages of Web3 technology to Filipinos. We strongly believe that the country can benefit from this technology, and we would be learning a lot from our distinguished panel of speakers,” said Dr. Lim, who will also give a talk today about “Philippines as the Blockchain Capital of Asia: Why the Philippines and Why Now?”.

Some of the topics that will be discussed on the first day of the conference include “The Future of Web3: Why Should You Care and How Can You Participate?” with Ian Utile, co-producer of NFT.NYC; “Women in Web 3.0: The Infinite Possibilities for Women in the Metaverse with Kate Hancock, Chezka Gonzales, Tara Kwon, and Vilma Matilla as speakers, and Michelle Dee as moderator; “Web 3.0 Innovation: 8 Forces Driving Web 3.0 Innovation” with Chris J. Snook, co-host of The Web3 Show and CEO of 9Level9.

For Day 2 of the conference, the topics will be “Crypto Founders Story: BItcoin Pioneer”, “Brand in Web3: Physical Brands Combining Web2 and Web3”, “Education: The Disruptive Potential of Blockchain in the Education Sector”, “Future: The Merging of Web 2 and Web3”, “Blockchain: 2022 is the Beginning of the End: EY Blockchain Capability and Perspective”, “Web3 for All”, and “Partnership Growth with Coinstore”

Day 2 will also have discussions on “How to Build Connections: The Ultimate Cheat Code for Expediting Your Web 3.0 Transformation”, “Tokenization: How to Tokenize Your Project – The Step-by-Step Guide”, “Usage of NFTs in the Korean Film/Drama Industry and Watch2Earn”, “Innovation: The Future of Visual Storytelling”, “The Honest Side of Blockchain Technologies”, “The Future of Immersive Shopping Experience”, “How to Invest in Real Estate with Web 3.0”, “Celebrities on the Blockchain: How Web3 is Changing the World of Fandom.”

On the same day, there will be talks on “Tiptop, Health, and Lifestyle App”, “Blockchain Security: How to Protect Your Assets From Hackers”, “Why Should We Invest in Bitcoin Now?”, “The Next Wave of Customer Engagement, Experience, and loyalty in Web3”, “The Future of Crypto”, “Investments Made Simple Through Maya”, and “The Future of Metaverse”.

For Day 3, Motoki Tani, CEO of Animoca Brands Japan, will be the keynote speaker. Other topics for the day will include “PR: How to Create a Compelling Marketing/PR Strategy for Your Metaverse Project”, “Philstar: Enter the Multiverse”, “NFT in Branding: Fro Artist to Now Launching NFT”, “Web3 for Social Impact”, “What You Need to Know About the Creators Economy”, and “Web3: Why It Matters for the Entertainment Industry.”

“The Future of E-Commerce: Web 3.0 vs Traditional Retailing”, “The Importance of Diversity: Perspectives From the Women Leading the Charge”, and “How to Build and Grow a Successful Community for Your Metaverse Project” will also be talked about on that day.

The conference will close with keynote speaker Larry Namer, known for co-founding E! Entertainment which produced “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, “Simple Life” and “E! Hollywood True Stories”.

Apart from the speaking conferences, Philippine Blockchain Week will host an NFT & gaming expo, networking events, and official after-parties for the duration of the event. The first Philippine Block Awards will also take place on December 2nd at Collab, Sheraton Manila Hotel.
The Philippine Blockchain Week is powered by the following major sponsors 1inch, Tetrix, NChain, GCash, Coins.ph, DVCode, Ark of Dream, iPay88, and Maya.

For more information, visit www.PhilBlockchainWeek.com 

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