2019’s Last Major Update: Sparkpoint Wallet Welcomes Binance Coin

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NAGA CITY, PHILIPPINES — Today, December 8, the SparkPoint Inc., (SPI) is thrilled to announce to the community its last major update for 2019 — — SparkPoint Wallet now supports Binance Coin (BNB). This was confirmed in a recent post of SPI’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Rico Zuñiga.

Binance: An Overview

Binance Coin (BNB) is the native coin of the Binance Ecosystem. Its rise in prominence is very evident in the value of BNB, which is currently the 8th largest cryptocurrency in the world with its market capitalization of $ 2, 446, 551, 322 as of this writing.

SparkPoint Wallet users will get to enjoy the prominent use cases of BNB, such as 25% discount on trading fees. Binance also offers an option to convert all of its users’ cryptocurrency should they wish to do so. This is relevant especially if the users’ one particular crypto is so small that it cannot be traded anymore on the exchange. BNB is also accepted as a payment option for several goods and services and can also use as collateral to secure a loan and exchangeable for fiat currency.

The Binance Coin is the fundamental fuel that powers the Binance Ecosystem. It takes 20% of its gain each quarter to buy back and burn Binance Coin, dramatically reducing the circulation supply.

SparkPoint: An Improved Wallet

SparkPoint, on the other hand, is another robust, fully non-custodial, and continuously improved wallet. And now, on its latest update, it finally can store BNB — giving the community more options. Just like any other expressions say, “the more options, the better.”

The main objective of SparkPoint is to provide users with services and technology that are secure, steadfast, and convenient. Thus, giving its community different products or mobile platforms such as Dlvery Expark (DLX), SparkPlace, and SparkPoint Wallet which establishes an alternative online payment gateway that will help to achieve the goal for everyone to be financially included. Consequently, leading to multiple partnerships with different crypto-related companies and small-medium enterprises. Thus, a manifestation that SparkPoint has become true in delivering its promises.

BNB x SparkPoint Wallet: One More Thing

Adding BNB to the SparkPoint wallet is one of the many outstanding developments for the digital asset as it introduces a few interesting challenges that the company’s developer team will enjoy to tackle. BNB holders will have an excellent option to determine such a wallet which is one of its very own types while having a secure platform — providing them overall crypto-wallet that has a built-up level of a security system.

With some platforms that SparkPoint has developed, the company is into considering to accept BNB on its other platforms and technologies. “We’re not limiting accepted tokens to just SRK, BTC, or ETH so [there’s a] big possibility that we’ll include BNB as one of the payment options,” Rico added.

SparkPoint, which has been very vocal since day one of its advocacy of mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain, moves forward on the path closer to it. Hence, looking forward to bringing communities through its platforms, providing secure and safe services no other technology can offer.

“Expect improvements on the user interface. Optimizations on the performance of the wallet. And security enhancements,” Rico concluded.

Supporting BNB Coin on the SparkPoint wallet brings the company closer into its vision — the road to mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. ###

This is a press release submitted to BitPinas: 2019’s Last Major Update: Sparkpoint Wallet Welcomes Binance Coin

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[…] Find More on that Topic: bitpinas.com/press-release-promotions/press-release/2019s-last-major-update-sparkpoint-wallet-welcomes-binance-coin/ […]