ABA Global Signed Strategic Partnership with GCOX

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ABA GLOBAL, the first Korean company to enter the Philippines and operate a virtual currency exchange called COEXSTAR, said it signed a strategic partnership with Singapore based virtual currency exchange GCOX on June 17.

Collaborative partner GCOX is Singapore’s promising virtual currency exchange, which has achieved great success by issuing and listing virtual currencies jointly with global sports stars.

GCOX successfully listed “PAC TOKEN,” which was launched in collaboration with Manny Pacquiao, a famous boxing legend and Philippine senator, and is actively carrying out business based on the blockchain. In particular, as PAC Token has garnered interest not only in the Philippines and Singapore, but also in Korea, COEXSTAR will soon work with GCOX to list it on the exchange.

In addition, the COEXSTAR Exchange will push for the globalization of the trading environment and coin users by indirectly listing ABA GLOBAL’S key coin “ABAG” on July 1 through a new launching technique and then listing it on the GCOX Exchange at a time when the transaction is stable.

A company official said that the two exchanges will cooperate in various FinTech businesses linked to virtual currencies in order to actively respond to the rapidly changing environment in the virtual currency market.

COEXSTAR, which operates a 24-hour trading system for the first time in the Philippines, said the strategic partnership is significant in that it is the first step toward globalizing exchanges, adding that additional listing of its exchange-based self-coins, “CXST,” and China-based Asian financial FinTech Co., “IPSC,” will be scheduled on July 20.

Currently, COEXSTAR operates a variety of markets suitable for globalization of the exchange, including the PESO market based on the Philippine legal currency PESO, the KRWC market based on the won table coin, and the USDT market based on the global dollar stable coin.

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