The Rising Demand for “Instant” Property Investments

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“Most people think that buying property will give them passive income right away. But they’re forgetting the cost of furnishing, hiring a tenant manager, and marketing to make sure it is tenanted right away. Even if the owner decides to be an active landlord, he’s going to have a lot more costs, and it will take a lot more time than expected.”

C Estates offers a portfolio of over 300 digitized properties in Makati CBD, ready for “instant” investment. These properties are operated as condotels with potentially yields of 5% to 8% annual return. Some portfolios offer guaranteed income, and buy-back options after a few years.

The biggest benefit for property investors would be the built-in liquidity of assets when using the platform. The one-click feature to sell or liquidate their property assets, allows property owners to sell their investments in a stock-like marketplace made up of thousands of potential investors in the foreign market.

Currently, the platform focuses on foreign investors, as interest increases over the Philippines’ property boom. Their marketing focuses on working with independent property brokers or agents who have registered to earn as affiliates, selling properties on the platform, or listing their exclusive properties for free.

About C Estates:

C Estates is an online platform that digitizes real estate to allow more people to easily participate in real estate investments even without having a huge capital. Just like company stocks, investors can more easily expand their real estate portfolio by buying and trading fractions of properties, and their corresponding value. Register an account for free at

This press release is provided by C Estates to be published on BitPinas: [C Estates Feature] The Rising Demand for “Instant” Property Investments

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