Kaloscope: Building the NFT Metaverse

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2021 was the year of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) with mainstream news of digital assets selling for millions of dollars.  Since then, we’ve seen an exponential growth that has turned into an economy worth billions of dollars. The year 2022 is projected to bring a new wave of technology and endless possibilities for an ever expanding digital universe known as metaverses.

This is a press release submitted by DynaQuest, which is a regular contributor to BitPInas: Kaloscope: Building the NFT Metaverse

This is where Kaloscope, an upcoming innovative NFT and Metaverse project, brings both worlds together by providing everyone the ability to experience their own metaverse first hand in Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) / Extended Reality (XR).  Imagine being able to create your own digital universe where you can display all your collectibles and NFTs.  Kaloscope  combines a very dynamic social aspect of being able to share and invite others to their personalized and unique metaverse spaces.

Bridging the Gap between NFTs and Metaverse

The mission of Kaloscope is to bridge the digital space between NFTs and the Metaverse through a concept of limited edition metaverse spaces and portals that are owned as NFTs. 

As a gateway to the Kaloscope universe, Kaloscope will offer limited edition space portals where digital collectors will be able to access the metaverse spaces.  In addition to metaverse spaces and portals, Kaloscope will feature its very own digital wallet interface that will allow users to connect their non-custodial wallets and project their collections from marketplaces like OpenSea. Complete with a unique and branded UI/UX, the Kaloscope wallet is currently under the final stages of beta testing and the development team is focused on its security and integrity.

Under Kaloscope, digital collectors will be able to create their meta-profile as a way of staking their identities and persona — with the ability of sharing their digital profiles to build their own social media metaverse. Meta-profiles will also be the key to unlocking rewards under Kaloscope’s ecosystem. Collectors will be able to claim and stake the upcoming Kaloscope NFTs and place them in their metaverse collections. The personalization and outfitting of the digital space is brimming with endless possibilities as far as showcasing the style, flair and persona of their respective digital spaces. 

Kaloscope will enable this experience on mobile and web, with the aim of transitioning to newer hardware such as smart wearables, while creating a digital economy through a layer of gamification, staking and crafting of digital assets within the platform (e.g. accessories for your NFTs and showrooms). Overall, Kaloscope’s vision is to create long-lasting partnerships with meaningful projects to bridge both retail and institutional users into this new world of NFTs and Metaverses.To start this new metaverse journey, Kaloscope have announced a creative collaboration with Aradena, to bring about the limited edition Kaloscope X Aradena digital collection.

Building the Metaverse and the future of the internet

“NFTs, digital collectibles and the metaverse are the new trending topics for 2022.  Through the power of blockchain technology, users can finally make claims to show true ownership of digital assets. At Kaloscope, we envision to build a platform where users can interact with their NFTs through innovative mixed reality experiences.  A platform where users can play to earn, socialize with their friends and learn about more about projects through AR/VR/ XR”

KirCk AlleN

Kaloscope was co-founded and headed by British / Filipino entrepreneur and visionary Kirck Allen, who at a young age is an accomplished entrepreneur. He has had a diversified portfolio consisting of manufacturing, tech ventures and international brand collaborations. Kirck has also built ESGs and sustainability / profitability strategies across multinational partnerships through his projects in the hemp and sustainability sector. Together with his team of talented multinational professionals, they are developing a metaverse platform with endless customization and market possibilities for its users, digital collectors and brand partnerships through cross platform mixed reality. 

Want to know how you can support Kaloscope? 

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Grab one of their Diamond and Gold passes from OpenSea! It has multiple benefits from early access to drops, access to real world venues and participation in exclusive clubs for early announcements. 

Diamond Pass – ​​https://opensea.io/collection/diamond-pass

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DynaQuest, Philippine Market Partner of Kaloscope

Award-winning Blockchain Solutions Provider, DynaQuest Technology Services Inc., is the Philippine Market Partner by Kaloscope. Utilizing DynaQuest’s solutions geared to the development, branding and market strategies of Blockchain-related technologies, DynaQuest aims to expand Kaloscope into the Philippine market and connect the brand with the Philippine NFT community and globally. 

This is a press release submitted by DynaQuest, which is a regular contributor to BitPInas: Kaloscope: Building the NFT Metaverse

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