OKEx Exchange Token OKB Heads towards All Time High in 2019 at $2.65

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On July 22, OKB, the exchange token issued by OKEx, a world-leading digital asset exchange, overwhelmingly surges 25.88% in 24h price, to reach a new all-time high of $2.65 in 2019 with the lowest price being 1.96 US dollars (difference of 0.69 US dollars). At the same time, with a 30.282 million US dollars net inflow, OKB won the first place in the net inflow of funds on that day (followed by BTC and EOS in the second and third place).

There’s been a lot of speculations about inside stories behind OKB price’s soaring. Some people predict that the highest net inflow represents the trading game played by the dealer and market makers. Others consider that the recent OKB trading fee discount results in an increase in OKB prices. But most of the voice focuses on the OKB ecosystem construction and its value empowerment. Regardless of these predictions, whether it can reach the peak of US$6.6 remains to be discussed. But it can.

OKB Price Breaks the Resistance Level of US$2.0——the Situation Favors Uptrend

The bungee-jump in OKB prices can be tracked back to “OK Happy Friday Bonus”—— a special bonus distribution rule for OKB holders that positively influenced the price to rising to US$6.6 from US$0.66. It took only 20 days to break through US$2.0 from US$1.6 and 10 days to ascend to US$6.6 from US$2.0.

In April this year, benefiting from the impact of OK Jumpstart—— a token sale platform to help high-quality block-chain projects go public, OKB price surges from US$1.6 to US$2.0 in a week, then the price steadily falls back to US$1.6. Now it takes two months to go up above US$2 with the similar trend of last year. Maintaining a good momentum of US$2.0, is it possible for OKB price to climb the peak of US$6.6?

Low P/E Ratio, High Return on Investment

In comparison with other platform tokens, OKB has a high return on investment (ROI) relative to its low P/E ratio, which adds to its investment value.

In general, the P/E ratio is the following:

  1. <0: There is a negative corporate profit. (The system shows “—”)
  2. 0-13: The corporate value is underestimated.
  3. 14-20: A normal level
  4. 21-28: The corporate value is overestimated.
  5. >28: Speculate bubble

Calculating the P/E ratio:

P/E ratio= Share Price/ Earnings per Share (EPS). P/E ratio consists of Dynamic P/E ratio, Static P/E ratio and Rolling P/E ratio. Dynamic P/E ratio is commonly used in stock price valuation.

Calculating the Share Price:

Share Price= Dynamic P/E ratio* Earnings per Share (EPS) (predicted value)

According to the calculation, the Dynamic P/E ratio is 6.16 and floats between 0 and13; whereas the ratio of other platforms is ranging from 21 to 28, which means the value of OKB is underestimated. So based on the huge value increasing potential, OKB is worth to be invested.

Value Driver——OKB Ecosystem

Asset price is the monetary form of its value, so the intrinsic value of OKB is the underlying of the price rising. OKB’s value depends on a range of ecosystem. The token serves to multiple use cases on the platform in accordance with OKEx ecosystem construction, which will drive the price continuously to go up with the growth of value.

Nowadays, in addition to the OKB holders-exclusive privileges, OKB offers multiple uses such as Buyback& Burn, OKChain, OK Jumpstart, Global Partner Program, Designated Merchants and Prime Investors, etc. As the underlying foundation token, OKB can be used to the trading payment and OKChain DAPP. In the future, OKEx will launch its decentralized exchange OKDEX, which OKB will be the only token used to pay the trading fee and select super-node candidates.

Empowering OKEx’s ecosystem, OKB is regarded as the medium to connect different applications. By realizing more ecosystem applications, OKB can be capturing more market share and adding values, which is corresponding to the aim of fostering a new economy with blockchain technology. In this case, OKB should be seen as a kind of Chain-coin, for example, Ethereum and EOS, rather than a normal exchange token. Relying on its increasing value, OKB price will markedly rise in the short term.

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