[PR] Uunio, A Content Rewards Platform to Make Content Creators King

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Nothing is more rewarding than for content creators to actually get paid for their work. However, despite all effort that goes into creating high-quality content, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Steemit, etc. take most of the profits. A lot of content creators will really love a platform where they get the compensation they really deserve.

The UUNIO platform is a blockchain-based system that values content creators. This project is designed in such a way that the content creators receive the larger share of the profits while also enjoying a lifetime of compensation.

This is a press release provided by UUNIO.

The Problem of Content Creators on Existing Platforms (Youtube, Facebook, etc)

You may have uploaded content on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and the likes. What was the reward like? First of all, getting rewards on these platforms requires driving tons of traffic to the content, and that still does not guarantee that you will get rewarded. YouTube and Facebook get the lion’s share of the profits made when content gets uploaded on their platforms. Rather than content creators getting rewarded for their work, these platforms get most of the rewards. The content users do not get anything.

The Appearance of Contents Reward Platform: Steemit

Steemit is a social media and blockchain platform that rewards its users with monetary tokens. Content creators create content, then they upload it on to the platform. The users then interact with the content by either upvoting, recommending, or sharing them. However, the value of the vote is dependent on the Steem power of the voter. Also, upvotes from “whales” have more influence than ordinary members.

The Problem With Steem

Steem may have been a very good platform for posting articles. However, it has a  7-day compensation period attached to every post. After that, the content creator will no longer be able to receive monetary rewards from upvotes, shares, and recommendations. So no matter how good the content is, after 7 days, it will not yield any rewards.

UNNIO to Solve the Problem

UNNIO is a visionary and revolutionary social media platform built on the blockchain technology. While YouTube, Facebook and the rest take a lion’s portion of the profits, UNNIO is offering 62.5 % of the profits to the content creators and 22.5% to content curators. The rest will go into maintenance and interest.

There is no compensation period on the UNNIO platform. This means that content creators will continue to get compensated as often as their posts get upvoted, shared, or recommended. This will make it possible for the content creators’ works to continue being profitable for a long time, and that is the encouragement they need to do more and to come up with high-quality contents.

A 5% UUNIO reward will be awarded to the community’s interest pool. This interest pool is a function of the platform members’ interests and UUNIO, and these values are calculated from activity points and coin usage. The activity points are the result of the interactions between users on the platform. This invariably means that when members of the community contribute to the platform, such as bringing more members, they get interests. Content creators need not worry about previous occurrences on some social platforms. They will also get paid for their contents while also enjoying copyright protection.

UUNIO intends to be the choice platform where a lot of content will get created. With the incentive of receiving lifetime compensation on every content created, creators stand to get more from their work. With the use of blockchain technology, all transactions become efficient, ensuring that the lion’s share of profits will really get to the content creators and curators, something that the biggest content sites of today does not do.

UUNIO Information

UUNIO official website: https://uun.io/
Whitepaper: https://uun.io/docs/whitepaper_eng.pdf
Official telegram channel (Eng): https://t.me/uunio_official


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