New Book Explains the Bitcoin Phenomenon without the Technical Jargon

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San Francisco, California, August 20th — Now over 10 years old, Bitcoin continues to be a largely unfamiliar technology for many people. To solve this, an international group of entrepreneurs, activists, and educators has just released The Little Bitcoin Book, a simple explanation of how Bitcoin works, and why it is such a critical financial innovation for society. The new book is aimed at readers who have heard of Bitcoin, but do not have technical or financial backgrounds. It includes 30 pages worth of answers to the most commonly-asked questions about the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency.

Available on and Barnes & Noble, The Little Bitcoin Book is intended for mainstream audiences who are curious about Bitcoin, but don’t know where to begin to start learning about it. The original idea for the book was to show how “Bitcoin was changing society, specifically in the area of human rights,” says Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation, and one of the eight authors who worked on The Little Bitcoin Book

“We started by getting into the mind of our target audience,” explains co-author Jimmy Song. “We did an exercise where we each described the audience we had in mind.” As the target reader groups expanded, so did the themes and concepts described in the book, all while maintaining a deliberately simple and clear tone.

The finished manuscript explains in plain language, how the current monetary system works, how Bitcoin is gaining momentum around the world, and how it can alleviate the excesses of modern finance. At just over 100 pages long, it’s also a great resource for Bitcoin enthusiasts, who now have a quick introductory guide that they can share with family or friends.

The Little Bitcoin Book is written by eight authors from five continents: Timi Ajiboye, Luis Buenaventura, Alex Gladstein, Lily Liu, Alexander Lloyd, Alejandro Machado, Jimmy Song, and Alena Vranova. It’s on sale now in both print and ebook editions on, Barnes & Noble, and other major online booksellers.

📘 PAPERBACK available now for $8.88 on Amazon

📱 KINDLE ebook available for just $3.88

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