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ATC Seeks to Disrupt the Finance Industry

[Press Release] ATC seeks to disrupt the finance industry – aiming to realize efficient and integrative global financing

For most parts of the world, traditional finance is still the trend. Consumers and businesses are used to card and check payments, if not cash. Bills settlement entail lining up in service centers, often taking hours of one’s time. However, in the world of continuous development, it is worth noting that these current practices are bound to reflect certain pain points that will not suit the growing consumer demands. Some of these issues include need for convenience and accessibility, security and authentication, and more investment options; the list goes on.

In the past decade, however, new generations of fintech and investment experts have risen, challenging traditional service providers and urging them to innovate. One of the most notable advancements can be seen in the use of blockchain technology, and Atomtrans Tech Corp (ATC) is one of these innovators who recognize the innovative application of blockchain to respond to challenges in the payment industry and provide a holistic one-stop platform for financing needs.

ATC applies blockchain as one way to innovate in financial services and foster an optimized user experience. ATC features, among others, its own stable coin, ATCP, that allows various B2B, B2C, and C2C transactions. This is very useful in remittance and bills payment, as access to payment functions in one’s mobile phone eliminates the need to repeatedly visit service branches and wait in line to fulfill the same activities. It proves even more convenient, as transactions are made within minutes. Furthermore, the whole process is cheaper as compared to traditional remittance and wire transfers, since the technology uses a decentralized system This process will no longer require third parties to facilitate the interactions and transactions between the parties, removing third party fees from the picture. Instead, the user relies on consensus algorithms which are implemented in the blockchain or a smart contract that is deployed in the network.

Along with sailing against traditional trends in finance, ATC seeks to make an integrative financial payment system possible by allowing more functionality and liquidity of client assets, especially for cross-border transactions. ATC recognizes the need of employers with overseas ventures to cut costs in international remittances. With ATC’s services, employers can send payroll to thousands of employees using their account, and with the same account, they can also perform overseas merchant settlement involving large amounts. In the same manner, employees owning an ATC account may, aside from receiving payroll, also perform remittance and bills payment without the need to transfer funds from account to account. Additionally, the company will be launching more features soon to cover other needs such as insurance, from the individual to business level.

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Lastly, the company also encourages investment as much as it pushes for efficient payment and fees settlement. Through ATC Exchange, the company’s premiere crypto trading platform, ATC aims to drive cryptocurrency as a modern investment option for its consumers. While there is still much reluctance towards cryptocurrencies, the company believes in its ability to spearhead a more efficient investment opportunity for consumers. Because the system operates on a peer-to-peer basis instead of relying on third parties, transaction fees are reduced, and earnings are optimized.

Through modern technology and integrative payment systems, ATC aims to eliminate financing pain points and pave the way for an optimized payment experience. The company vouches on continuous innovation to maintain competitive costing, convenient offerings, and professional servicing, making it one of the leading fintech companies in the country.

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