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International Women’s Month: Empowered Women in Blockchain

Photo for the Article - International Women's Month: Empowered Women in Blockchain

DynaQuest / March 5, 2020 – Women can keep pace with the fast-changing world across business, commerce, and technology. With an emerging reputation of being early adopters rather than simply following tech trends that were once traditionally being led by men, women in today’s IT world are known for their vision, aspiration, and innovation in building brands and business models centered around technology.

Blockchain, an emerging technology that has considerably gained traction across industries is looking to be the foundational platform that will redefine the 2020s decade as it will reshape business and information systems. Its benefits include automation of processes, non-centralized ledgers, transparency, security through cryptographic encryption, and optimal operating conditions that will take businesses to new levels of cost-efficiency.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, DynaQuest, in partnership with the Philippine Blockchain Association, bring some of the Philippines’ Empowered Women in Blockchain,  women influencers who are driving blockchain to new heights and building new business models centered around the groundbreaking technology. These Empowered Women of Blockchain are trailblazers in tech to embrace the possibilities within the disruption.

The future is bright with Blockchain, filled with potential and it will reward those that are bold, creative thinkers, and those having the vision and passion to mold tech into a centerpiece across the enterprise.

Today, we feature the Empowered Women in Blockchain 2020:

Photo for the Article - International Women's Month: Empowered Women in Blockchain
  • Ann Cuisia – Founder of TraXion, Board of Trustees, Landbank Countryside Development Foundation, Inc
  • Gail Macapagal – Country Director, DynaQuest Technology Services Inc, Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines ( HIMAP ), Board of Trustee
  • Tracy A. Li – Co-Founder of BlockDevs Asia and Technical Manager at Token News PH Consultancy
  • Myrtle Anne Ramos – Founder, BlockTides, Business Director, Asia Token Fund, Co-Founder of Blockchain Innovation Tour, Co-founder, Block PR Asia, Project Manager, Riwigo
  • Ida C. Tiongson – President and CEO of *Opal Portfolio Investments (SPV-AMC) Inc, Board of Trustee, Fintech PH Association
  • Vicky Zaichik – Account Manager, FOCL and Cryptobucks
  • Christina Gallano – Founder, BlockJuan
  • Charlene Ocon – Founder, CryptoFemmes- Women in Blockchain Alliance
Photo for the Article - International Women's Month: Empowered Women in Blockchain
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The Empowered Women in Blockchain 2020 is an unranked assessment of professional women who are immersed in the Blockchain industry.  Blockchain is an expansive field and there is more room for new innovators to make a name for themselves. We hope this article encourages other women to become empowered and inspire many others. Our Empowered Women in Blockchain 2020  have displayed leadership, influence, initiative, management and vision. They are all also from different fields: tech companies, startups, non-profit organizations, consortiums, and professional associations, with different backgrounds in technology, management, business development, and science. This initiative aims to inspire more women to consider a career or build a business model in Blockchain, while also promoting Blockchain and its equal opportunities to everyone who would invest time, effort, and innovation in further developing the technology for the future.

Photo Taken at and by Great Image Uptown Mall. Styling and Direction by Etiquette De Manille

This feature article is provided by DynaQuest: [DynaQuest Feature] International Women’s Month: Empowered Women in Blockchain

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