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January 14, 2020 Published

As we enhance and migrate what’s under the hood, a token swap will be conducted to facilitate the transition from the legacy GWX tokens (Mosaics) towards the new GWX token (EOS).

After careful consideration and thorough review, the Gameworks team has decided to migrate to the EOS platform from the NEM platform.

First off, we’d like to thank and give a shoutout to the folks at NEM Philippines as they have been vital in building the initial workings of the Gameworks ecosystem. With their help, we have been able to create a viable use-case for tokenized gaming via the first version of the Gameworks product stack.

We believe that the development of the Gameworks ecosystem should run through constant innovation. As we build the next version of the Gameworks product stack, this migration enables the advancement of Gameworks towards a faster, more secure, and flexible platform. Along with this, enhancements with regards to user experience will be done as well, to make gaming much easier and accessible to a wider audience.

Why EOS?
The EOS platform has gained tremendous traction over the year with regards to the advancement of blockchain gaming through their technological provisions along with the community they have built. We firmly believe that this will give us the capacity to create and build the next version of Gameworks Game Central, Token Depot, and the mobile wallet.

  • Higher Scalability
  • Faster Transactions
  • Better Overall Gameplay

What to expect
The product and service offering of the Gameworks ecosystem remains the same. As we enhance and migrate what’s under the hood, a token swap will be conducted to facilitate the transition from the legacy GWX tokens (Mosaics) towards the new GWX token (EOS).

We assure all our token holders that the token swap will be conducted as seamlessly as possible. The token swap facility will be available on the new and improved Game Central landing page which we will be launching and announcing soon. We will deploy further announcements on this through all our communication channels.

Sit back, game, and relax
While we build and develop our technological advancements under the hood we encourage all token holders to participate in the Gameworks Game Central Beta which is still on-going. If you haven’t heard, the VIP beta is open for all existing token holders of GWX. More information on this here. 50 lucky players will receive bonus tokens through an active lottery!

For those who have not yet withdrawn their GWX Tokens from into the mobile wallet, kindly accomplish this task as we proceed with the enhancements and migration.

As always, our support team will be more than happy to assist the community. For any questions please do drop us a message through our Telegram Channel. You can also reach out to

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