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March 9, 2018 Published

This coffee is just one of the few but growing number of establishments in the Philippines that accept cryptocurrencies for payment.

With the rise of popularity in cryptocurrencies, this coffee shop in Davao now accepts bitcoin for payment. The shop is just one of the few but growing establishments in the Philippines that accept bitcoin.

In Accepting Bitcoin

Blugre Coffee’s Matina Town Square Branch is its pioneer branch that accepts bitcoin. Mr. Benjamin M. Cuaresma Jr. plans to accept bitcoin in all Blugre Coffee branches in Davao.

“Maganda yung development ng cryptocurrency or bitcoins ngayon. It has also been doing well in our Blugre Coffee,” – Mr. Benjamin M. Cuaresma Jr., Owner, Blugre Coffee

Mr. Cuaresma also stated that aside from Blugre Coffee, there are also other stores that accept the digital currency. These include Casa Katreena Inn and MTS.

Blugre Coffee

Mr. Benjamin M. Cuaresma Jr. is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who also holds free seminars about virtual currencies. He also plans to install a Bitcoin ATM in Davao where users will be able to buy and sell bitcoins.

Blugre Coffee is established in 1988 and has branches also in Manila and BGC.

Davao is the site of the recently concluded Asia Blockchain Expo.

Source: Sunstar

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