How to Buy CryptoKitties in the Philippines

The sensation on the ethereum blockchain. It remains to be seen whether it’s just a passing fad. For now, let’s see how you can buy CryptoKitties from the Philippines.

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BitPinas. CryptoKitties, the first game built in the Ethereum blockchain. Get your hands on these cute and adorable crypto-collectibles and have an entirely different mindset on what the blockchain can do. We’ll tell you the basics behind CryptoKitties and show you how to get your own crypto-collectible even if you are in the Philippines. (Click here for our introduction of CryptoKitties).

Photo for the Article - How to Buy CryptoKitties in the Philippines

What is CryptoKitties?

Photo for the Article - How to Buy CryptoKitties in the Philippines

CryptoKitties is born in Vancouver, BC in 2017. It is the first game in the Ethereum Blockchain.

To make it simple, if Bitcoin has Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum has Ether (ETH), CryptoKitties has CryptoKitties! They call it crypto-collectibles that you can collect and breed. You need a different ether wallet, called MetaMask to store your CryptoKitties. It will also serve as your login in the game.

If you want to go more in-depth about this ETH crypto-collectible, please read our article HERE.

How to buy CryptoKitties in the Philippines

CryptoKitties runs in the Ethereum Blockchain technology. Ether is the only currency accepted in the game. As of this writing, Abra announced that it will support Ether in the near future. Coins.ph and Bitbit.cash are still stuck with Bitcoin. You can check out how to buy ether in the Philippines in this article.

  • Update June 2018: Abra and Coins.ph now support ether.

Steps in Buying CryptoKitties using Coins.ph and Bittrex

You can also use your Bitbit.cash account and other Crypto-exchange sites, but for the sake of the article, we will use Coins.ph and Bittrex.

  1. You must first have the following accounts:
    1. You first must have an account on Coins.ph
    2. Create an account on a bitcoin exchange site. For this example, we will go with Bittrex.
      1. Click here on how to transfer your bitcoins from Coins.ph to Bittrex.
      2. Click here on how to buy altcoins, like ether, from Bittrex.
    3. Create your own wallet at MyEtherwallet.com. (This is not necessary, but create one for the ethers you will not use in CryptoKitties).
    4. Create your logins and install the MetaMask wallet at CryptoKitties website.
  2. Fund your Coins.ph account then convert it to bitcoin.
  3. Send the bitcoin from Coins.ph to your Bittrex bitcoin wallet. (Coins.ph now supports ETH, you can now buy ETH with your fiat and send it to your MetaMask address)
    1. Make sure you click your Bitcoin wallet on Bittrex to know your Bitcoin Wallet address there.
  4. Buy Ethereum at Bittrex with your Bitcoin there.
  5. Depending on what amount you are comfortable, send the Ether to your MetaMask address.
    • You can find your MetaMask address by clicking on the “…” and then “copy address to clipboard”.
  6. Once your MetaMask has ETH funds, you can now browse through the CryptoKitties Marketplace to buy your first Kitty!
    • It is recommended by the CryptoKitties team to have at least two so you can start breeding. If you decide to only just buy one, you can always go to the site’s “Sire” for you to choose what cat you want to be the dad of your lone cat.
    • If you got lost in the explanation above, learn more about CryptoKitties HERE.

What can you do with your CryptoKitties?

You can collect it. Alternatively, once you have CryptoKitties offspring from breeding, you can sell it in the Marketplace. There are different rarities of Cats to produce and buy. Create your own Ether CryptoKitties empire by playing the game.

Can I trade CryptoKitties in person?

As of the moment, you can only trade CryptoKitties in the site’s Marketplace.

CyptoKitties Philippines Tips

  • You cannot play CryptoKitties on mobile. MetaMask and the technologies running behind the game don’t function on mobile.
  • You cannot recover lost CryptoKitties. Make sure that you will secure your MetaMask login as the team cannot recover it.
  • Once Abra releases its Ether Wallet, it will be easier for you to get ETH to fund your MetaMask.

CryptoKitties is a new and fun way to buy, trade, and sell. It is not a cryptocurrency but a crypto-collectible that you can collect or breed. This is the just one of the almost infinite number of applications made possible by blockchain technology.

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