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Cryptocurrency Exchange | Buy Altcoins Instantly with Bitcoins, Ether, Etc in the Philippines

With your existing cryptocurrency wallets, Bitpinas offers the option to trade your bitcoin, ether, litecoin, etc into other cryptocurrencies or altcoins. The Bitpinas Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform is powered by the Shapeshift API.

BitPinas Cryptocurrency Exchange


  1. Easily trade your bitcoins to any other supported altcoins
  2. Easily trade your bitcoins to ether
  3. Easily trade any coins to other coins.

How to use:

  1. Select the coin you want to buy.
  2. Select the coin you want to trade it for.
  3. Put the amount of coins you want for trading. Take note of the minimum and maximum amounts you can put.
  4. Put the corresponding addresses. If you are trading BTC for ETH, put the BTC address where the bitcoins will come from and the ETH address where the ETH will be sent.
  5. Click proceed.
  6. Once Shapeshift confirms the Payment, the coin you bought will be transferred to the wallet address you specified.

Notes: Network congestion in the bitcoin blockchain is the reason for very high fees. If you are going to do any bitcoin transactions, Shapeshift recommends avoiding anything under $250 transactions:

PLEASE NOTE: Our Bitcoin miner fee is set very high due to Bitcoin network congestion, so please avoid small Bitcoin transactions on ShapeShift for now. Anything under $250 USD is unadvisable, and transactions may be delayed for hours.  – Shapeshift

Choose which coins to trade:

Terms of Use and Disclaimer:

Read the following first before using the trading platform above.

  1. The entire platform for trading cryptocurrencies above is powered by Shapeshift’s API. You must abide by the Shapeshift Terms of Conditions before using it.
  2. When you use the exchange platform above, the transaction will happen between you (the user) and Shapeshift. This page only acts as the landing page for the Shapeshift platform. No activity happens in the Bitpinas server with regards to the transaction.
  3. Please do not contact BitPinas for any subsequent inquiries arising with the usage of the trading platform because we are not party to any of it (As explained above). We provide it as is, and as intended. For any inquiries, contact Shapeshift at

When you use the Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Use/Disclaimer and any other text within this page. Specifically, you acknowledge that Bitpinas will not be held for questions and that all subsequent inquiries will be directed to Shapeshift.