Axie Infinity Co-founder: The Philippines is a Great Test Market for Game

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By Shiela Bertillo

Jeff Zirlin also known as Jihoz, play-to-earn game Axie Infinity co-founder and developer, stated that the Philippines is a great test market for games. He mentioned this during the  BitPinas’ Webcast 04 last month.

“When I was there in 2019, I thought that something special was happening in the Philippines,” Zirlin stated, noting that the Filipino sentiment was “quite good” as he recalled his participation in a BlockchainSpace meetup.

“(The) Philippines is always a great test market for games. It’s typically kind of chock-full of early adopters for both social networks (and games). It’s a great market to try out new games. We always thought that it would be a really important market,” he said.

Moreover, Zirlin also stated the Philippine market is one of the reasons why he personally went to the country before.

In the Philippines, where the majority of its early adopters and players of the game reside, Axie Infinity is considered a life saver for a lot of pandemic-stricken Filipinos. (Read more on: This Documentary Perfectly Captures the Play-to-Earn Phenomenon in the Philippines)

Accordingly, in the recently released year-end lists of top searches in the Philippines, search engine Google named Axie Infinity as the number one under different categories in the game-related list of top search queries in the country (Read more: Axie Infinity is the Most-Searched Game in the Philippines This 2021)

Further, Last December 4, 2021, the First Ever Axie Infinity Creator Cup started with eight Filipino content creators as contestants. 

However, following the mass adoption of the game in the country, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) stated that they are still studying Axie Infinity’s possible status as an operator of payment system (OPS) which would require the game and its developers to register with the central bank. (Read more: BSP: Axie Infinity’s OPS Status Still Under Review)

Axie Infinity has recently released updated details for its Land Gameplay. It also recently released a development journal earlier addressing the concerns about in-game economic balance and its token Smooth Love Potion (SLP), one of the game’s coins that can be converted to real life money. They noted how the community’s response made the best out of SLP with an “explosive growth in 2021” from its initially “humble” core purpose. They stressed that this “has driven both incredible growth in the liquidity as well as some fundamental inflation in the token over time.”

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