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Axie Infinity Physical Esports Event: Zyori Hints May Happen by 2023

Zyori also shared that Sky Mavis is also planning to launch a small tournament by the end of 2022.

During the March 3 episode of the BitPinas’ Webcast, Andrew Campbell (aka Zyori), the Program Lead for Esports & Content Creators Sky Mavis, hinted that the first physical esports event for their play-to-earn game Axie Infinity may happen in 2023, a “definitely a big year for esports.”

Axie Infinity News: Axie Physical Esports? Zyori Hints Future In-Real-Life Tournaments

“We want to do physical events. I think that’s the desire (of Sky Mavis). I think the Creator Cup was a great proof of concept. We need players on land. It adds so much to the viewer experience, adds a lot to player experience. It’s just a matter of how we do it safely with COVID– but both for me personally and the team internally, we’re super excited to get back to physical events and people on site.”  – Andrew Campbell, Sky Mavis Program Lead for Esports and Content Creators

For the meantime, Zyori mentioned that Sky Mavis plans to do something big by the end of the year but it will likely be just a “miniature version of what Axie Pro League could be.”

He shared that the upcoming tournament will have a three-phased format—open qualifiers, regional play-off (or a group stage phase, which is “for time zone convenience”) and finals where the top four of each region would compete in a showdown bracket.

“I wish I could share more details about it but we’re just not quite ready and I don’t want to over promise,” he stated.

Zyori stated that this is the current cadence the developers are working on and they are “definitely excited about building out some version of AxieCon.” 

“I don’t know when, I don’t know where but there is a lot of energy to deliver a physical Axie event. And if we were to do that, there would definitely be a big esports component attached to that,” he added.

The Axie Infinity Creators Cup was the first official tournament of the game; its first competition was conducted in the Philippines last December where eight Filipino content creators battled in the arena for 200 AXS in prizes. (Read more:  First Ever Axie Infinity Creator Cup Starts on Saturday)

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