Axie Infinity Plans to Have Events in the Philippines – Nix Eniego

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By Nath Cajuday

“So, there’s no specific date yet. What I can share with you guys—I’m very open, I’m very transparent—is (that) I’m currently working on a framework on how we’re going to do events here in the Philippines. I don’t have a date on a specific, like, Axie (Infinity) Convention or something like that. But we’re planning some events here in the Philippines, for sure.”

This was stressed by Nix Eniego, Philippines Lead for Sky Mavis, when asked about when the Axie Infinity Convention in the country will be during the BitPinas Webcast last March 10, 2022.

“And the best part here is actually I wanted to get into a stage where the events (don’t) even have to be organized by myself. We want to be able to empower some community members to host their own Axie (Infinity) meet ups. So, that’s something I’m developing now.” 

In addition, Eniego emphasized that the goal is to have a lot of satellite events that are happening all over the country.

The developer also  highlighted that these plans will surely push through  because they are Axie Infinity Events. “Give me some time, guys. I literally just started. But we’re going to get there now. We’re planning some good ones in events.”

On the other hand, Nix also hinted at one of the commentators’ suggestions during the live broadcast about having tournaments for non-content creators. The suggestion reads “Axie tournament for non content creators na nasa leaderboard sana next time.”

“A few hours ago before this (webcast), I was in a meeting with a tournament organizer and I asked them that question. I was like, do you have any plans on creating a tournament where it’s open qualifiers and anyone can join, and doesn’t have to be streamers or content creators? They said yes, they’re working on it,” he answered.

Eniego added that the tournaments will be free for all, so expect these kinds of events because the organizers have committed to that. “I’m not going to name who, but they committed to that. So that’s at least one tournament organizer who confirmed. It’s gonna be like hundreds or thousands of people on open qualifiers. So, they have that plan.”

Meanwhile, he shared that there is an open tournament currently happening at Community Gaming website –, organized by eSports4Everyone, and with a daily price pool of $50.00 (₱ 2,500.00).

Eniego also stressed that he wanted to see a tournament champion using free Axies from the Origin. The Origin is set to be released this month.

“Imagine, with Origin, there will be free Axies–starter Axies, right? Ang dream ko ay mayroong player, free-to-play lang, ta’s gamit niya is ‘yong mga starter ta’s magchachampion siya sa tournament; like, gusto ko makitang mangyari yun, I think possible, malay mo,” he added.

[Imagine, with Origin, there will be free Axies–starter Axies, right? I dream that players will be able to join the game in a free-to-play version using the starters, even winning tournaments; I want to see that, and I think that is possible, who knows?”]

Eniego assured the community that he is supporting the idea of having open tournaments and is free for all.

“I’m a fan of that. I’m a fan of diversified gaming and plays pushing for tournaments,” 

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